How do I become a certified document specialist?

How do I become a certified document specialist?

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Do you want to register your diploma and obtain your electronic professional certificate of specialty? Register it! it is important to practice your career in Mexico. This requirement applies to both Mexican and foreigners.

Dear professional: As of October 1, 2018, the registration of your diploma and issuance of your professional license by the General Directorate of Professions of the SEP is online. You can now apply for your professional license online for medical specialties, click here.

Cost for registration of professional title, specialty diploma and academic degree (in the help sheet to make the payment in the field called “Number of procedures/services”, enter “1”, which gives a total of $2,589.00 mxn).

Cost of document certification per page, in case of presenting the original of the specialty diploma (in the help sheet to make the payment in the field called “Number of procedures/services”, enter “1”, which gives a total of $14.00 mxn).

Note: If you choose the “in person” option, it is necessary to generate the capture line of the corresponding payment in the following is necessary to consider what is established in the Federal Law of Rights where it is indicated the following:Article 6. – In order to determine the fees of the duties established in this law, fractions of the peso will be considered; notwithstanding, the above to make the payment the amount will be adjusted so that those that contain amounts that include from 1 to 50 cents will be adjusted to the immediately preceding weight unit and those that contain amounts greater than 50 and up to 99 cents, will be adjusted to the immediately superior weight unit. When in the same act the taxpayer must make the payment of two or more fees, he/she must consider in any case the fee without adjustment that corresponds to each fee, and only to the sum of the same will the adjustment referred to in the preceding paragraph be applied.

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What are the regulated professions in Germany?

In Germany there are so-called regulated and unregulated professions. If you hold a foreign higher education degree for a regulated profession, you must always apply for recognition. Regulated professions are e.g. doctors, engineers or teachers.

What certificate do I need to study in Germany?

If you wish to study at a university in Germany, you will need a certificate of admission to higher education. You can check in the DAAD Admission Database whether the certificate or degree from your home country is sufficient or whether you need to take additional examinations for admission.

Where is a degree recognized?

There are two ways to apply for homologation: (1) in person at the Ministry of Universities (or at the Territorial Delegations) or (2) online.

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The path and development of the homologation procedure depends mainly on the origin of the degree. Depending on the professional qualification, the automatic or direct recognition procedure (EU) or the individualized or indirect recognition procedure (non-EU) will be applied.

In relation to the European regulation, the process of approval of the university degree acquired in the EU, as well as any of the medical specialties, has been considerably simplified.    The homologation is automatically recognized without the need for equivalency examinations and regardless of the applicant’s nationality. The following documents are required for this recognition:

Doctors and specialists from non-EU countries can also have their qualifications recognized. Since these qualifications are not governed by European regulations, the procedure for recognition will be examined on a case-by-case basis. These are formal criteria, such as content, duration of studies and work experience.

How do I know if my career is valid in Germany?

Regulated professions require an accreditation

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In Germany, you can only work in regulated professions if you have a very specific qualification. … You can find out whether your profession is a regulated profession in the “Approval Finder” on the “Approval in Germany” portal.

How do I know if my degree is valid in Germany?

Not all foreign university degrees are automatically recognized in Germany. To find out whether your degree can be recognized in Germany, you can consult the ANABIN website.

What are the unregulated careers in Spain?

Equivalence of non-regulated degrees: Journalism, Business Administration and Management, Arts, Humanities, Biological Sciences, Physical, Chemical and Geological Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Information Technology, Engineering not mentioned in the regulated ones, Agriculture, …

Homologate baccalaureate in Germany

In Germany for all job vacancies, you must always include a cover letter, this must include the reasons why you want to work in that company. We recommend to be very brief and to translate it into German.

The homologation is sometimes not a mandatory requirement to work as an engineer in the country. This means that the certification process for engineers in Germany is voluntary, but a certified foreign engineer is worth two!

At the end of this process you will obtain an official certificate issued by the German government, which will serve you to register, if you wish, in the engineering association of the state where you want to work.

In some cases, the authority in charge of recognizing foreign degrees in Germany may perform this process before the applicant completes the engineering degree, for which the applicant must submit additional documentation to prove his or her expertise. For example, detailed documentation of work experience gained in the field, training certificates, letters of employment, etc.

What is the salary of a physician in Germany?

According to the ranking, after U.S. doctors, the best paid are German healthcare professionals, with 158,000 euros per year, while the United Kingdom is in third place, with an annual income of 119,000 euros.

How many years does it take to study medicine in Germany?

The medical degree (the medical training that students obtain at a university) lasts 6 years and 3 months in Germany and is not integrated into the bachelor’s and master’s degree system.

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What do I have to do to study in Germany?

International students need a visa to study in Germany. Exceptions apply to persons from certain countries, including EU citizens. There are two types of visas to study in Germany, a study visa and a study applicant visa.

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Each country’s qualifications have their own particularities. As a general rule, to gain admission to a university in Germany you must have an academic degree from your country of origin. Likewise, in order to get a job in Germany, it is important to take into account the different processes of validation and homologation of degrees.

Germany offers a very diverse university panorama, both in the variety of fields of study offered in the higher education centers, as well as in the types of universities that exist for higher education in the country. As an international student, it is important to get to know the German education system and the degrees offered by the universities in order to choose the right course of study and make the most of the academic offerings.

There are two ways to obtain a doctoral degree in Germany: individual doctorate or structured doctorate. We recommend that you refer to the section “Doctorate and Research in Germany” for more information on these options.