How does Golbat evolve in Renegade Platinum?

Pokémon Light Platinum – Electivire’s Glitch

When it is winter it closes its buds to protect itself from low temperatures since it is sensitive to weather changes, but when spring arrives it opens them again and through them it releases a pollen that causes strong sneezing to anyone who is close to it.

Forsythia found him at the Pokémon center after he was confronted with a Pokémon. It recovered from its physical injuries, but became fearful. It later evolved into Roselia and then Roserade.

Oddish, Rattata,Budew, Butterfree, Pidgey, Spearow, Doduo and Swablu, along with many other Pokémon, flee a forest after the evil Pokémon hunter J sets it on fire with her Salamence to catch a Riolu.

While studying the diary of the famous architect Godey, Tonio recalls one of the events recorded in its pages, when Alice met Darkrai and Darkrai came to live in Godey’s Gardens. The memory shows Darkrai, badly wounded and suspicious, attacking several Black Gap Pokémon, including a Roserade, which is approached by several Budew.

How to evolve Golbat platinum?

Zubat evolves to Golbat at level 22. From the second generation on, Golbat evolves to Crobat through friendship with its trainer, going up one level.

How to evolve budew to platinum?

Evolution. Budew evolves Roselia by reaching a high level of friendship with its trainer, going up one level during the day. Roselia evolves to Roserade by exposing it to a Day Stone.

What to do after earning the fourth medal in Pokémon Platinum?

Once you have obtained the fourth medal go to the north of the city. There is the entrance to the great Swamp and you will find a member of Team Galaxy. Talk to him and he will run away, so go after him.

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Golbats use ultrasound to detect their prey and catch them from behind. Once hunted, they feed to their heart’s content, but then they are somewhat helpless, as their movements are more clumsy, so you should be careful. They are usually preferred by villains, who also use their pre-evolution Zubat and their evolution Crobat. In spite of that the Golbat, if raised since they are Zubat, are very friendly. So only good trainers will have a loyal and powerful Crobat, as this Pokémon evolves out of friendship.

This Pokémon uses its ultrasound with better precision and power than Zubat, although it has eyes, its most evolved sense is its hearing, which in conjunction with its ultrasound gets an idea of the world around it. It is even capable of detecting the respiratory movements of its future prey, so it prefers darkness or night to become active, even with a single echo of its ultrasound it can identify all the chambers inside a cave and the possible risks they may have.

How to quickly evolve Golbat?

Level up Golbat after reaching 220 friendship points. When you reach 220 friendship points, level up Golbat. You can do this by training him in fights or by using a rare candy. If Golbat has 220 friendship points or more, he will evolve into Crobat.

What level does Budew evolve?

Budew evolves Roselia to level 16. Roselia evolves Roserade by exposing it to a day stone.

How to evolve Budew into a sparkling diamond?

To evolve Budew into Roselia you will need to make his friendship level high and level him up during the day. Once his friendship level is at the desired level, you can either give him a rare candy or gain experience to level up in the traditional way to get Roselia.


This is a guide to the Pokémon Platinum video game. It is intended to help and facilitate the consultation of the players. If you don’t have the game and plan to play it, before consulting, it is recommended that you go through it by yourself so that you can enjoy it better.

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Later on, the Pokémon teacher will ask you if you are a boy or a girl and your name (as in the other Pokémon video games). Then you will have to name your friend. In any case, you can name him/her any other name.

When you take a step to your right side (for the stairs) Israel will appear, who will talk about how to get a Pokémon. He will notice that you have a new PC and leave. Go down the stairs and wait for your mother to finish talking to you so you can continue. In her talk she will tell you not to go into the grass without a Pokémon. Go to Israel’s house. He will bump into you and tell you that he forgot something. Try to enter again, and this time go up the stairs. You’ll find him putting away his Journal. Now you will have to leave the house and go to Route 201 (go north for this).

How to get a Budew calf?

Budew: you can get it from Roselia or Roserade with a floral incense.

What to do after the Sinnoh League?

After passing the league you will be able to obtain the Pokémon of the lakes: Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf. To do this, go to each of the Lakes where they were and enter the caves above the water. Uxie and Azelf will be catchable on the first try, but Mesprit you will have to catch by following it all over Sinnoh.

What is the best platinum starter Pokémon?

Why is Piplup the best of the starters? This is purely due to a question of difficulty, as choosing Piplup makes it much easier to progress through the adventure and overcome the different challenges, making it the ideal Pokémon for a novice player who doesn’t want to complicate things too much.


Once you have obtained the fourth medal go to the north of the city. There is the entrance to the great Swamp and you will find a member of Team Galaxy. Talk to him and he will run away, so go after him.

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Before leaving the city on the right side, you’ll see your rival appear and you’ll be able to face him again. When you defeat him, you can enter route 213, but before leaving, enter the Great Swamp and talk to the first character on the right to get MO05.

Here you can investigate the city and get the MT92 and a cookie. To continue, continue north and finally you can face the member of Team Galaxy. Just after you find Cintia, who will give you the Secret Potion to cure some Psyduck. Further up there is an area of tall grass and when you cross it, you will reach route 214.

Now you can go north to route 210B. There, as soon as you arrive, you will see a thick fog in the area. You will have to use the MO05 skill to dissolve it and be able to advance (the skill was inside the Great Swamp in Prairie City).