Is clerk a good job?

Profile of the office clerk

Now, with regard to the functions and actions to be carried out by the office clerk, most of them are associated with administrative tasks and, in most cases, involve direct contact with the company’s customers. Also and for this reason, it is common for office workers to be called administrative employees.

From this rather generalized list of activities it is clear that the work of an office clerk is really essential for any company and hardly this one can achieve its proposed objectives without the due action of the office clerks.

Duties of an administrative clerk

For millennials, people born between 1980 and 1994, it is a conflict to be an office worker with a set schedule. In fact, this generation, which today is the one with the highest participation in the work environment, is not attracted to having a salary only. They need challenges and interesting activities. Their appearance on the business scene shows that the traditional work system needs to evolve.

Karina, the young millennial featured in this story, knows that the conventional work model will not make her happy. However, she hopes to influence her environment in order to change things a bit.

As a good millennial, she doesn’t just want a job, she wants a life. And although the list of benefits is long, such as health insurance, economic stability, and food vouchers, it is not enough pay in exchange for covering a schedule and depending on someone else.

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They are living the culture of entrepreneurship; do they want to be important in the business world? Are they interested in flexible hours and creative freedom? They work in a start-up.

Military clerk functions

Undoubtedly the basis of this work is in the work of the so-called Clerks, occupying different roles within the firm, generally being linked to Administrative Functions (so they also receive the name of Administrative Employees) and having greater contact with customers of companies.

This work is often linked to the Reception of Customers, being located in the so-called Commercial Offices and taking the different orders, requests for a service or acting as Customer Service itself, among which can be located the centers called Call Center, which consist of telephone exchanges where you can also perform the so-called Telephone Sales.

How much an office clerk earns

Specialized technical knowledge required to perform certain functions. For example: Programming and systems analysis, financial knowledge, human resources, scientific research techniques and methods, lathe work, welding, etc. Specialized technical knowledge is not required.

Pressure exerted on the position to achieve results. It may be due to the importance and significance of decisions; the expiration or lack of supplies, products or services handled; the pace or quantity of work; and compliance with time limits and/or quality standards required by internal and external customers.

Magnitude of damages caused by unintentional distraction of the employee (deterioration, loss or alteration of goods, values or equipment handled by the position). Consider: the limit to which the damage is controlled by the employee, the controls to which the employee is subject by third parties or by force of the work methods, the frequency with which he/she is subject to make mistakes due to the nature of the work and the consequence of the mistakes.

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