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Because of the seriousness of the situation at hand, no one wants to face cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The prognosis is never “good” after cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA), but if CPR is performed correctly, you can increase the chances of stabilizing that patient in front of you.1 Your red cart is equipped and ready. What do you do with everything you have in there? The guidelines have been updated. Here’s a look at what to do.

PCP is linked to a poor prognosis, with less than 6% survival rate according to the literature.1,2 In addition, much of the protocols previously used in veterinary medicine were extrapolated from human guidelines from the American Heart Association.

How our investigation for the underlying cause of frequent hairballs and vomiting has led to what should become a new protocol for all cats with this type of history.

The cat is the most popular pet in the United States, yet cats rank below dogs in veterinary care. This fact is not because people don’t love cats-78% of cat owners consider them family members. Unfortunately, misconceptions about cats and the difficulty of taking them to the veterinarian have led to a decline in feline visits to the veterinarian.

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Una importante proporción de pacientes hospitalizados presenta un deterioro clínico severo que puede terminar en eventos adversos, paro cardíaco no esperado, o muerte; para reducir su frecuencia y prevenir sus consecuencias se han creado los equipos de respuesta rápida (ERR). El objetivo de esta revisión de alcance es describir la conformación, funcionamiento y resultados de la implementación de los ERR en el contexto hospitalario, con énfasis en los servicios de cirugía ginecológica y atención obstétrica.

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Una proporción significativa de pacientes hospitalizados experimenta un deterioro clínico grave que puede dar lugar a acontecimientos adversos, paradas cardíacas inesperadas o la muerte. Se han creado equipos de respuesta rápida (ERR) para reducir la frecuencia y prevenir las consecuencias de estos eventos. El objetivo de esta revisión de alcance es describir la estructura, el papel y los resultados de la implementación de los RRT en el contexto hospitalario, con un enfoque en la cirugía ginecológica y la atención obstétrica.

Se realizó una búsqueda en las bases de datos médicas Medline vía Pubmed, Embase vía OVID, LILACS, Cochrane Library y Open Gray. La búsqueda incluyó estudios observacionales descriptivos y analíticos, estudios experimentales y estudios cualitativos que incluyeran TRR en instituciones sanitarias de alta complejidad u hospitales docentes. Dos investigadores seleccionaron los estudios y extrajeron los datos relativos a la estructura, las funciones y los criterios de activación del equipo, los tiempos de respuesta o las herramientas para evaluar su rendimiento. No se aplicaron restricciones de fecha o estado de publicación. Se incluyeron estudios en inglés, español y portugués. Se realiza una síntesis narrativa de los hallazgos.


The Emergency Department of Red de Salud UC CHRISTUS has one of the first emergency programs created in the country and a long history of providing advanced medicine in an environment of efficiency and care.

We have two emergency centers where we provide you with professionals specialized in emergency medicine, advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment and all the support of medical specialties.

Indeed, there are different types of medical emergencies. Not everything that the patient perceives as an emergency is an emergency. International figures estimate that up to two-thirds of medical consultations in emergency departments could have been resolved elsewhere.

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Our team of highly qualified physicians, most of them certified in the specialty of Emergency Medicine in foreign emergency centers, in addition to nurses and specialized support staff.

The emergency physician has the capacity to resolve most of the pathology for which patients consult. However, sometimes it is necessary to request the presence of a specialist. Our status as a university center allows us to have it available with the consequent reduction of waiting times and better results.

Before COVID-19, serious and responsible response. Conference

Not having been born with any marks, even when the rest already have them, only gives you more reasons. As if “made for each other” were really a healthy and applicable idea. Or that it could be measured more or less predictably, logically, scientifically. Sometimes they appeared when the other person was born, or after, but never before. You could not have a connection with something that was not a person. There were times when it would appear and disappear before you knew who it was, and as far as he could see it only brought suffering for something that had never been.

In jest, or so he told her, he mentioned that maybe they would appear at the same time and be the same. Then he launched into a radio soap opera dramatization that made Shouta look at him, fixed, until Hizashi remembered that he was going for coffee. And that he had to go fast. Afterwards, Shouta told him not to say something like that again or the payback would be terrible.

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The news threw him into a sea of water so icy that it barely and wouldn’t turn to ice, leaving him paralyzed in body and mind. Unable to breathe. He was a piece of something stopped in time that had forgotten to move, to function. He had been running towards his lifelong goal, the short life he had lived, with ideals he believed to be immovable, and now reality was hitting him from all directions, shaking him from his foundations.