Is GitHub good for documentation?

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Pull requests, apart from improving the existing code and documentation by the community, are very active discussion areas, so your changes may not be accepted right away. Don’t be offended if the author does not accept your corrections or asks for further clarification before accepting them. In any case, your changes will be available to everyone because you made a fork of the original project. Many original projects have been improved in this way, even being surpassed by those that were started as a fork. Perhaps in the future someone will find your contributions to be extraordinary and greatly improve the original project.

What to use GitHub to store files?

GitHub is a Web-based hosting service for Git repositories, such as those used to store content. For a particular project, GitHub hosts the main repository, from which contributors can make copies to carry out their own work.

What is an issue on GitHub?

An Issue is a note in a repository that tries to draw attention to a problem. … On GitHub you can tag, search or assign Issues, making the management of an active project easier.

How to license GitHub?

The license selector is only available when you create a new project on GitHub. You can manually add a license using the finder. For more information about adding a license to a repository, see “Adding a license to a repository.”

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Also, after reading about the relative linking work between documentation files in the GitHub project directory pages. I really like the markdown, as it saves a lot of time from having to write all the HTML by hand for our documentation. However, what I would like is to be able to have a README.mdfile that can include links relative to other documentation files located in docs/*.md. I was hoping there was an easy solution so that my other documentation files could also be included in my gh-pages branch and be hosted on my GitHub Pages subdomain and be rendered and/or themed.

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For the first question, here is a manual approach , not automatic, but it is simple and works. For the HTML generation part, you can use . I also found this automatic method , although I tried it but did not get it.

The above script also synchronizes the markdown files found in the mastersucursal docs/*directory, so that they can also be viewed on the GitHub Pages site. Linking relative to these documents works if you include the following jQuery function to remove the .mdextension from the anchors in the gh-pagesrama. You can add the following index.htm scriptin the _layoutsdirectory:

What is the difference between Git and GitHub?

Git and GitHub are two different entities that help you manage and host files. In other words Git is for version control of files while GitHub is a platform for hosting your Git repositories.

What is Git for beginners?

Git is a free and open source version control software. It was created by Linus Torvalds in 2005. This tool is a version control system that was initially developed to work with various developers on the Linux kernel.

What can be done with Git?

So Git is one such control system, which allows you to compare the code in a file to see the differences between versions, restore old versions if something goes wrong, and merge changes from different versions.

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GitHub can sometimes surprise us, in the popular platform we can find tools that we did not think existed and it can be rewarding if these tools manage to solve a problem that had us worried. This is the good thing about the Cloud that is collective and other developers upload solutions that help us grow and we must be grateful for it. In the month of August there was a Language that had more trend, at least within this ranking of 5 repositories, let’s see what happened in the popular GitHub platform.

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As in other Posts, to know more about these repositories that are trends in GitHub, I will place the name of the repository, the Link of the repository, the technology or programming language (s) that prevails in the repository, a description and a reference image.

This repository belongs to PWL (Papers We Love), which is a community developed around reading, discussing and learning more about academic papers in computer science. This repository serves as a directory of some of the best articles that the community can find, bringing together papers scattered around the web. Due to licensing, they cannot always host the documents themselves (when they do, you will see an emoji next to their title in the README directory) but they can provide links to their locations.

What is an issue in a project?

An issue identified in a project is something that is currently happening and that has a negative effect on the delivery of the project. For example, an identified problem or issue that has no response or solution, or unexpected last minute changes to the original requirements.

What are Issues and milestones?

Mike correct me if I am wrong, Milestones are global tasks with start and end date, Issues are specific tasks assigned to team members. E.g. Issue -> Member1 is in charge of painting.

How to create an Issue on GitHub?

On, visit the repository home page. Under the name of your repository, click Proposals. Click New Submission.

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We created, to help you understand how to generate a license for your code. A software license tells other people what they can and cannot do with your source code, so it is important to make an informed decision.

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You are under no obligation to choose a license. However, without a license, default copyright laws apply, which means that you retain all rights to your source code, and no one can reproduce, distribute, or create works from your work. If you are creating an open source project, we strongly encourage you to include an open source license. The Open Source Guide provides further guidance on choosing the right license for your project.

Some projects include information about their licenses in their READMEs. For example, a project’s README may include a note that says “This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license”.

When you search for a family license, the results will include all licenses in that family. For example, when you use the query license:gpl, the results will include repositories licensed under GNU General Public License v2.0 and GNU General Public License v3.0. For more information, see “Searching for repositories.”