Is NSX-V End of Life?

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VMware’s NSX hypervisor provides a platform for managing virtualized network deployments. Learn more about the network virtualization platform in this resource guide.

Martin Casado, founder of Nicira and general partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), has referred to NSX as a network hypervisor. As a network hypervisor, NSX is an advanced network provider for virtualized environments running on virtual switches. The number of virtual switch ports has long exceeded the number of physical switch ports.

NSX leverages the virtual switch concept to extend the capacity of the virtual network. While there is a version of NSX for non-vSphere environments, the primary focus is vSphere. NSX provides tight integration with VMware vCenter database; the integration enables a natural extension of vSphere constructs to the network.

Network administrators gain the ability to control the network using a vCenter-like policy; VMware calls this approach software-defined networking. From an IT perspective, it is the abstraction of network control and services from the physical hardware. Functions such as routing, load balancers, intrusion protection and security exist as services within the hypervisor; as such, network administrators configure and manage the virtual network from a single NSX control panel and API.

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Is nsx-v end of life? del momento

In this Post we will learn more about the product itself, use cases and components. We will leave for the next post the installation procedure as well as learn how to configure and put into production.

Also known as vCAC is a solution for automation and deployment of Virtual Machines, Physical Equipment, Applications and Processes. As we mentioned in the previous post, vRealize Automation Center is hypervisor and platform agnostic, although of course it integrates seamlessly with VMware solutions such as vSphere, vCloud Director, NSX and, as if that were not enough, also with third-party systems.

As we can see, it is not exactly a solution for any SMB or SMB environment. We are talking about a Suite oriented to a very dynamic Infrastructure and that its own evolution needs Monitoring, Automation and Control, all this in ITIL Friendly mode.

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vRealize Automation Appliance: formerly known as the vCAC Appliance, as its name suggests, it is a virtual appliance with a Linux platform that, in collaboration with IaaS, presents the services in the catalog and manages each of the Tenants by applying their policies.

Is nsx-v end of life? 2021

After almost 4 months working for Nutanix and interacting with many people within this ecosystem, I have had to come to answer myself (and others) an essential question whose answer I myself need to maintain my sense of purpose in this work:

On the other hand, Nutanix provides a distributed system that delivers – as expected of a Distributed System – a high level of resiliency/redundancy at the Management, Control and Data plane. It captures the vital functions of the datacenter to run in an integrated and fully in software fashion: Storage, Data Protection, Virtualization, Management and Operations, Security and Virtualized Networking.

There is an essential difference in Nutanix fault management: it focuses not only on ensuring the Availability of data in the event of a failure (which other solutions can ensure as well) but also ensuring the protection of that data during the failure situation (which is particular to Nutanix).

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