Is Qt worth learning?

Is Qt worth learning?

What is pyqt4

To learn how to program with Python, it is not necessary to pay for an expensive course. With the help of any of the best books on the Python language, which offers the basics of Python programming and includes plenty of practical examples and exercises, we can learn at our own pace and without pressure.

If writing programming code is not your thing, you may want to find out what low-code programming tools are all about, which aim to make software development accessible to non-programmers. If you need a computer to program in Python, I advise you to read about the best notebooks for data science.

A good option for those who want to learn the basics of Python in a short time, without any programming experience. Ideal for readers in a hurry: the first chapters, which offer an explanation of the language and an introduction to the programming environment, can be covered in just 15 minutes. Then, in the second part, no less than 100 exercises of progressive difficulty are provided. They guide the reader step by step and explain all the theoretical programming concepts needed to program in Python.

How to use qt designer with python

Any language is worth learning Each one has its own characteristics, that will make you stay with it for your needs or switch to another… but I’m sure that some of what you learn will be useful for other languages.

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What you say is true… skapunky in reality we become Empirical programmers.    For that there is the previous analysis I recently took a subject in the university Software Development which helped me a lot at the time of programming something to think about putting things in clear and then do it.

if you want a sincere advice, start with c or c++, because as a friend says it is easy to learn a high level language, but to go down it costs. on the other hand it is a little more complicated to learn a low level language, but to go up is super simple. i started with vb6 and now that with the university i have sat with c and c++ i have realized the time that i have lost.

Qt or tkinter

Every day we read about new programming languages or technologies that catch our attention. Surely many of you save them in Evernote, delicious, etc… to take a look at them later. Even if they are not part of the set of tools we use in our daily work, we would like to learn them to improve as developers…

Maybe now with the summer you have a little more free time and relaxation to learn quietly. We hope that all of you give ideas of those technologies that are worth learning in our free time. Good luck.

In last week’s question we asked you: Do you collaborate in open source projects? Which ones? Among all the answers that have arrived, the most valued by the user community has been the one from Óscar Campos who commented on the following projects where he participates:

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A couple of months ago I released what I had done of SublimePySide, which is a support plugin for Qt projects with PySide and support for Nokia’s QML language for Sublime Text 2, although I have not had much time to follow its development.


I am a vc ++ developer (but like Qt) interested in learning from open source projects by contributing and reading code. I use Windows as my main development platform. Which project would be good for me to start with?

@jalf: I’m not sure I agree. Most developers look at the source code, make a lot of (usually incorrect) assumptions about what the code does. This usually leads to the statement, “I could do better”. The devil is usually in the details with the source code, and in my humble opinion, it is through reading and modifying that you can really understand something.

Well, I think there are many interesting open source projects that use c++. Boost is the first project you can think of. It’s a library, but very well written, so you will learn a lot. If you want something more fun, you can try something like a game engine like Ogre3D. If you want to get involved in a project with Qt bindings, I suggest KDE related projects since they mainly use Qt, AFAIK.

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