Is splunk phantom a SIEM?

SPLUNK Knowledge (in English)

Phantom is a product of SOAR (Security orchestration, automation and response) that is installed independently (stand alone, stand by or cluster mode) and serves to automate and classify all the tasks that our analysts or helpdesk people have to run repeatedly whenever a security incident occurs (suspicious IP, check file hashes …) All these tasks are performed through Playbooks and Apps.  In the next weeks I will update you with more information.

What is siem splunk?

Splunk is a SIEM solution that allows security teams to quickly detect and respond to internal or external attacks, as well as simplify threat management, minimizing risk and protecting the organization. Among other benefits, using Splunk SIEM you can count on: Real-time monitoring.

What is splunk and what is it for?

Splunk is the SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution that allows monitoring and analyzing all the company’s big data (in applications, systems and infrastructures) through a web interface.

How does splunk work?

Splunk has a very intuitive web interface, with which the user can review these logs, create dashboards, generate reports or schedule alerts. We could say that it is a really powerful, flexible and scalable tool.

Is splunk phantom a siem? del momento

I would like to emphasize what every SIEM should seek and this is visibility, remarking that “We cannot protect what we cannot see” and that every SIEM should help in the early reaction to security incidents, be they attacks, threats, infrastructure malfunction or misuse by the users themselves.

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In context with this, we must have a solution capable of centralizing the information in a single point and facilitate the identification, to follow up and even get feedback and experience of our security postures and / or operation.

I would add to the above that they must meet the challenges of the 3 V’s Volume|Variety|Speed, which refers to the processing capabilities of large amounts of data, integration capabilities of various types, formats and data sources and rapid action for both identification and for the care and response to incidents, allowing analysis, correlation, identification of patterns, deviations, predictions for alerting.

What is splunk logs?

Logging Addon for Splunk is a plugin that you can use to ingest logs and other data directly from the Streaming service.

What language does Splunk use?

It allows the analysis of indexed data through the use of its own processing and search language (Search Processing Language).

Who developed Splunk?

The company was founded in 2003 by Michael Baum, Erik Swan and Rob Das. The name “Splunk” comes from the English term for cave exploration, spelunking, as it is similar to what Splunk does: spelunking in the user’s data.

Is splunk phantom a siem? 2022

Perfect prevention is impossible, no matter how much protective technology is deployed. Detecting and responding quickly to targeted attacks requires concentration, correlation, and analytics on the different logs and traffic produced by systems, applications, end points, protection technology, and any other device.

By assigning a baseline of behavior to an end point or application, deviations from it can be observed and anomalous behavior can be scored, thresholds can be alerted, or containment actions can be taken automatically.

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The complete understanding of networks (IT, OT and Cloud) in an organization is extremely complex. The interactions of network and defense elements such as routers, firewalls, load balancers, IPSs and others, with their rules, signatures and access control lists, create a very complex reality. It is very difficult in this environment to assess the security of changes, to understand what can be trafficked from where to where, and how this impacts the organization’s policies, risks, and vulnerabilities.

Is splunk phantom a siem? online

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