Is Zipline maintained?

Is Zipline maintained?


Have fun playing among the tree tops in our arvorism circuit, where you will embark on a 60 meter long Zip Lining, a 25 meter long suspension bridge, a 25 meter long Falsa Baiana, a climbing wall and a 10 meter long rappel, all with total safety and pure fun.

Have fun playing between the tree tops in our arvorism circuit, where you will embark on a 60 meter long Zip Lining, a 25 meter long suspension bridge, a 25 meter long Falsa Baiana, climbing wall and a 10 meter high rappel, all with complete security and pure fun.

Development and work with the social-pedagogical female community Cranachstrasse; development and work with the Juvenile Protection Center TANGRAM; teacher at the SocioPedagogical Institute; supervisor in the psychosocial field; private practice as a psychoanalyst; former president of the Federal Association

Development and work with the social-pedagogical girls’ community Cranachstrasse; Development and work with the Child Protection Centre TANGRAM; Professor at the Social Pedagogical Institute; Supervision in the psychosocial field; Private practice as Psychoanalyst; Former President of the Austrian Federal

In less than a year, two deaths have been reported after falling from a zip line.

In some cases, when exiting or arriving from the zip line, people raise their heads and cause friction with the cable. The helmet protects them from these situations and is an indispensable safety element, a requirement for National Adventure Tourism Standards.

As a safety standard, it keeps users and guides informed about safety procedures on a zip line. It includes a perimeter frame and is placed at the beginning and end of the zip line.

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Workmanship, with “Slow Landing Brake” and “Low Tension Cable” technology, it includes clamps, cable ties and additional material for its installation, the cost is plus transportation expenses for installation and travel expenses during the installation.

David Miguel

So far, Durango has reported the collapse of three bridges due to heavy rains, one of them was located in Rodeo; however, to facilitate the transport of people and supplies, Civil Protection of the state in conjunction with the authorities implemented a zip line.You may be interested in:

The decision to implement this measure was after the Buenavista bridge in Rodeo collapsed, so with the help of a metal basket they began to mobilize neighbors and food that they themselves might need. Through one of the videos published in social networks, it can be seen that the zipline consists of a metal basket that passes between pulleys and over the flow of the river, carrying a seated passenger from one end of the river to the other.

The zipline is assisted by personnel from the rescue team of the state Civil Protection Coordination. Thanks to this, passengers can get from one point to another in just 20 seconds with the assurance of landing safely, as it is perfectly maneuvered by the emergency corps.


Twelve of the cases in Córdoba and one in Colonia Tirolesa are linked to the Ciudad de Mi Esperanza neighborhood, while the remaining six cases in Córdoba are close contacts of a case confirmed yesterday, whose link is under investigation. The cases in Villa Dolores, Malvinas Argentinas and La Falda are related to the epidemiological situation of these localities.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic to date, 80,672 persons have been tested with PCR (swabs) in the province of Córdoba. This results in a rate of 21,452 persons tested with PCR per million inhabitants. Today, 2,120 studies were performed, of which 1,531 are PCR and 589 serological tests.

Of these 780 persons, 218 (27.95%) are in outpatient treatment with home isolation; 67 (8.59%) in outpatient treatment in intermediate institutions; 32 (4.10%) in hospital treatment (hospitalized); 38 (4.87%) died; and seven (0.90%) are under investigation because they correspond to cases residing in other provinces and in Brazil, for whom there is no information on their clinical status.