What are the important of data documentation?


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The International Organization for Standardization provides a definition of the concept in ISO 15489-1:2001 (E). It states the following for Information and documentation – Records management: “Records management is the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records.

Thus, we refer to all those tasks and actions aimed at keeping a document archive in order and ready for use. Not only is it necessary to ensure that each file is stored correctly, it is also necessary to check the nomenclature and referencing used. At the same time, procedures must be established for the receipt and production of new documents, ensuring that they are correctly classified.

What is the importance of documentation?

Documentation is the science of documenting, and is identified by the processing of information that will provide specific data on a given subject; accordingly, it can be identified as an instrumental and auxiliary technique to inform numerous people on a given subject.

What is database documentation?

Data documentation is related to the process of creating a DMP, as this is where the collection, storage, processing, sharing and disposal of data is documented.

What is the importance of controlling documentation?

The objective of document control is to ensure that documented information is available, suitable for use and protected. … The information is controlled through the software.

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Types of documentation

When we talk about “data life cycle” we refer to the different stages a data goes through from its birth to its end. Data is not a static asset during its life cycle, but goes through different phases, as shown in the following image.

Data traceability is the ability to know the entire life cycle of the data: the exact date and time of extraction, when it was transformed, and when it was loaded from one source environment to another destination. This process is known as Data Linage.

In this way, we are providing very valuable information to the user about how the final result was obtained and thus guaranteeing that the complete trace of the data being reused is available.

What is the purpose of the documentation?

The objectives of documentation in an entity are usually: Communication of information. Evidence of compliance. Sharing knowledge.

What is the purpose of documents?

A document is a material testimony of a fact or act carried out in functions by institutions or natural, legal, public or private persons, recorded in an information unit on any type of support (paper, tapes, magnetic disks, photographs, etc.).

What is research documentation?

Documentary research is a qualitative research technique that collects and selects information through the reading of documents, books, magazines, recordings, films, newspapers, bibliographies, etc.

Importance of archival records

Archives are vital and more than necessary for individuals, organizations and society in general because without them they would have no past and no future. They would live from day to day without any knowledge of their actions or those of others. Everyone wants to know their history and claims to be informed and documented, but not everyone pays the interest that archives deserve to get this knowledge.

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Archives are necessary in society because they promote knowledge, safeguard and preserve our memory, disseminate our historical heritage, provide access to citizens, guarantee data protection and intellectual property, promote historical and scientific research, support the documentary management of organizations, support transparency and accountability, and provide agility in locating information?

Can we ask for anything more? Yes, but not from the archives, but from the governments… and that is to give them more consideration. Greater consideration that the International Council on Archives (ICA) seeks through the Universal Declaration on Archives. A Declaration that was drafted in September 2010 and adopted by UNESCO in November 2011.

What is project documentation?

There are different types of technical documentation associated with each stage of the project: reports, drawings, manuals, spare parts lists, etc. Technical documentation consists of all the information that explains how an installation, a piece of equipment, a system works, how it is installed, how it is serviced.

How important is it for you to control the documents of an institution?

Today, documents represent the bulk of an organization’s intelligence. According to David Baldwin, document and records control should provide “a means to manage the development, approval, issuance, change, distribution, maintenance, storage and security of the enterprise.” .

What is the importance of archiving and preserving documents?

Archives are the custodians of the memory of any organization. … Archives allow us to manage documents from their birth to preserve their value and meaning. Documents are reliable supports of our information, guaranteeing security and transparency in administrative actions.

What is documentation

Share:Organization is the key to ensuring the greatest possible efficiency for any business. Having well-aligned and functional processes for the entire team increases the profitability of the company as a whole. One point that should always be evaluated is the organization of data.

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If the company’s work information is well allocated and easily accessible, processes can flow more quickly. For this reason, many companies adopt a document management system, also called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

It is a software capable of cataloging and organizing all the company’s documents in a comprehensible way. Adopting a tool of this type is practically vital to ensure the operation of a large company. See in this publication some of the benefits that a data organization system can bring to your company and how it works. Good reading!

One function of the management system is to generate reports, spreadsheets and lists with all the information and documents collected by the company. And the best part is that this same database is accessible to all authorized team members.