What does concurs mean?

Synonym of contesting

Remember that from now on, in order to apply for any of these vacancies, you must be previously registered in SIMO, which is a system where each interested person will have the opportunity to enter their basic and contact information, as well as their educational background and work experience, in order to make it easier to apply for future vacancies.

The system displays a list of available vacancies; to review the ones you are interested in, you must click on each one of them, where you can review the functions, vacancies and the purpose of each position.

When a vacancy fits your preference, click on the heart-shaped icon, which selects it as a favorite in the control panel of your account, so you will not need to search for it again.

In each job available for registration, you will find a cloud icon, when you click on it, you will access a pre-registration form, where the information you have available in SIMO is shown, which is the information with which you participate at the time of registering to the call of your choice. This step gives you the option to verify and/or update the information in the system.

Define participate

The purpose of the contest is to designate the best Spanish-speaking speaker, the winner of this VI edition of SPEAKER TALENT, and to award him/her with an important final prize and the honor of having such a deserving distinction.

This phase has a duration of approximately 4 months and during which anyone who wants to compete in this VI edition of Speaker Talent, will only have to complete the registration form below.

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In this phase the candidates will have to make a presentation of maximum 2 minutes of duration, in live online/virtual format and where they will have to win the vote of the jury to move on to the next phase (semifinal).

In this phase, the semi-finalists will send a 3-minute video to be uploaded to the Speaker Talent YouTube channel to be voted by the audience, and in this way and together with the contribution of the organization, determine the 6 finalists of this edition.

Define compete

Vacancies in the different ministerial Departments for jobs with administrative and auxiliary functions assigned to the Bodies and Scales of the subgroups C1 and C2, endowed with a budget, the provision of which is considered necessary,

The provisions of the preceding paragraphs shall also apply to persons who are in an administrative situation other than active service but have their reserve post in the aforementioned destinations.

The above limitations shall not apply to the civil servant personnel assigned to the aforementioned autonomous agencies who apply for jobs assigned to the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, without prejudice to the fulfillment of the provisions of the second base section 1.

6. The civil servants in active service who are occupying positions in provisional assignment shall be obliged to participate in this competition in the event that such a position is called, applying for at least the position they occupy in provisional assignment.

Signed portfolio

It is the process of formal access to the Professional Teaching Service in Higher Secondary Education, through competitive examinations, where those with a suitable profile are identified, through a priority list, to occupy a vacant position.

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Admission to the Professional Teaching Service is based on the results of the evaluation of the applicants. Those who are suitable are placed on Priority Lists, whose order serves as a basis for the assignment of vacancies.

The information presented in this section is of a general nature, please review the requirements established by the different subsystems, state entities, educational authorities or decentralized agencies in each call for applications that may be of interest to you.

Stage one will be of a national nature. All applicants to compete for a position with management, supervision and pedagogical technical assistance functions must take a knowledge test aimed at assessing their level of mastery of knowledge and management skills in terms of the function for which they wish to compete.