What is a Figma document?

Figma examples

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to some quick tips and tricks on how to use Figma. We will take a look at 26 Figma functions, tips and tricks from A to Z. Let’s download Figma and get down to business.

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Blurs are effects that can be applied to objects in Figma. The two types of Blur Effects that can be applied from the right sidebar are Layer Blur and Background Blur.

Select the shape you want to edit and click the Edit Object button on the toolbar or simply press Enter to switch to Edit Mode. Use the tools on the toolbar to adjust the path and when you are done, press Enter or the Done on the toolbar.

What is a Figma file?

Figma is a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool. It is a web application that you can use in the Google Chrome browser and you can also download the application for your computer, because Figma is cross-platform: it works on Windows, Mac or Linux.

How to create a document in Figma?

STEP 1: Create a new archive

In the upper right corner you will also see the plus symbol accompanied by the word “new”, if you click on it you will also have the option to create a new file by clicking on “Archive file”.

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Who uses Figma?

Who uses Figma? On-premises and cloud-based solution that enables companies of all sizes to create custom web designs and share prototypes with team members through collaboration, activity logging, analytics/reporting and more.

What is figma

If you already have Figma downloaded or open on the web, in the upper left corner you will see an icon of a sheet that says “Drafts”, this icon is the one that interests you, you must get on top of it and you will see a plus sign, in which you will click and then click on “Archive file” and vualá already have your new file open.

As I said, you can choose the format you are most interested in or if you already have clear dimensions you can create a custom frame. Click on the worktable, and holding down the cursor, slide the cursor until you get the dimensions you want.

If you want to set the dimensions more quickly, you can click and scroll and then in the work panel on the right you will see a section called Frame, in which you can put in the “W” the width and in the “H” the height and thus have the exact pixels.

When you have your frame created you can see on the left side that says “layers” and inside you will see the “Frame 1” layer, everything you put on the canvas will have to be within this layer to be displayed when viewing the work, but we will talk about this later.

Why use Figma?

The main advantage is that it allows collaborative work. It allows you to add comments and work on the same file at the same time. … That is why Figma allows to share the components between the different files being worked on. This facilitates the workflow.

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What is a prototype examples?

A prototype is an example of the first mold made or a figure or something else. … A prototype or prototyping can be a model of the software life cycle, such as spiral development or waterfall development.

How to create a screen in Figma?

Select the text “LOGIN” along with the rounded rectangle on the back and click the Create Component button on your toolbar. Select the text “REGISTER ME” along with the rounded rectangle at the back and do the same.

Draft figma

Also is that Sketch’s options look like the dashboard of an airplane and Figma is much easier to learn, but well, that’s debatable, so I’ll stick with the other two reasons, which are overwhelming.

Figma has a free plan that you can work with with unlimited storage. It lets you create up to three projects per team and have up to two collaborators per team. With the free plan, although you cannot share components, you can share styles and if you want to work alone there are no limits.

I want to clarify that, although it has a community of users who share their files and plugins for free, Figma is not a free or open source software. Figma is a proprietary software of the company Figma.

The first thing you have to do is to register in Figma’s site and then install the Figma Logo Creator plugin in the Web environment. Then you will have to open a project to start the creative process of creating a logo.

How to export a file in Figma?

Click on the image or images you want to export. You can select just one or all of them at once. If you want them all in jpg at twice the size, for example, you will save time by exporting them all in one click. If you want to export to different sizes or formats you will have to export them one by one.

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How do I use InVision?

Thus, the basic operation of InVision (and Marvel) is that the user previously designs some screens with another program to make prototypes, then uploads these prototypes to the platform and starts adding interactivities so that these screens are intertwined with each other.

How to use figma

When there is an element that must be used in several screens, Figma gives the opportunity to convert it into a “component” so that any change that is applied to it, is automatically updated in its instances in all screens.

This real-time collaboration facilitates communication and at the same time speeds up the approval and execution processes. And for such a large and innovative project where interfaces are constantly changing, this tool is ideal for optimizing time.