What is AirWatch technology?


As for the members of our organizations, the discipline we should focus on is MDM (Mobile Device Management). It is the massive mobile device management tools that will allow us to provide mobile access to applications and corporate documents in a secure and reliable way.

After a simple registration process of the phone, tablet or laptop, MDM tools allow organizations to manage large fleets of devices, whether they are corporate or private in BYOD (use your own device at work) schemes. From this registry, it is possible to monitor corporate use of devices (but not private use, which remains independent), ensure adherence to security policies, allow the installation of corporate applications, separate personal content and applications from corporate content and applications that require other security standards. It is possible to define sub-fleets, with different data and roaming privileges, for example. We can manage the device itself (defining parameters specific to the mobile, deleting content in case of theft or requiring appropriate passwords) or deepen the management of MDM sub-disciplines, ensuring proper use of each of the possibilities of the devices, for example:

AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM)

First and foremost, it’s a fundamental part of the new strategy. VMware’s traditional mission, the one that has made us known and successful, has been virtualization. First the servers, then the storage and the enterprise networks; together, it’s what we call the software-defined data center. Once we’ve solved that phase of our offering, it makes sense to go further. VMware’s idea is to have the ability to virtualize the desktop, mobile or other collaboration devices within the enterprise. Until now we offered VDI [virtual desktop infrastructure] but we realized that if we didn’t have a presence in mobility, the VDI business would eventually decline.

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That’s exactly the way it is. To be more relevant in enterprises than we are now, we have to adapt to what end users actually do. But there is another aspect, working with mobiles is fundamentally done by connecting them to a ‘cloud’. If we have a cloud offering, – and VMware does – we can play a role in helping them better manage mobility resources. The best way to let the market know that has been through an acquisition that has put us in that position.

This is what the new iPad Air, Watch 6, Watch SE, iPad 8th and iPad 7th look like.

AirWatch by VMware, the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider, announced the integration of its solutions with Intel® device protection technology (DPT) for enterprise deployments with Android™ devices.

Intel’s DPT solution provides both IT managers and end consumers with end-to-end security capabilities, spanning from endpoints to applications. AirWatch supports Intel’s DPT-enabled devices from day one to enable streamlined management for enterprises and government institutions. With the combined power of Intel DPT and AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management, IT administrators will have the ability to effectively manage Android devices without impacting their native user experience. Intel DPT will be available on select Intel® Atom™ processor platforms coming to market alongside Intel’s optimized version of Android 4.4.

Apple Watch Series 6, SE and new iPad Air 2020 Summary

AirWatch’s mobile security solution ensures corporate mobility deployment is secure and corporate information is protected. Our advanced features provide end-to-end security that extends to the user, device, application, content, data and network layers.

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AirWatch’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution enables you to manage large-scale deployments of mobile devices. Our solution provides devices with the ability to quickly enroll, parameterize and update device settings, enforce compliance with security policies, secure mobile access to corporate resources, and remotely lock and wipe managed devices.

AirWatch’s Mobile Content Management (MCM) solution allows you to secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a native mobile application. Our Secure Content Locker app allows your employees secure access to corporate resources on the go.