What is GLFW used for?


You are taking the wrong approach with a static UI class. The usual way to “bounce” from a static callback to an instance function is to store something capable of making the jump in a place that can be accessed from the static callback.

The HandleKeyDownmethod in the Gameinstance can forward it to your UI object if needed (or, if you really only need the keyboard input for the UI object, you could simply place a pointer to your UI object in the user’s storage, however, stuffing something like the game or something higher level is generally better since you only have one pointer per window to use).

GLFW error 65542 minecraft OpenGL SOLUTION

GLFW is a lightweight utility library for use with OpenGL. It provides programmers with the ability to create and drive OpenGL windows and applications, as well as receive joystick, keyboard and mouse input.

Libraries such as GLFW are necessary, because OpenGL does not provide mechanisms for creating window control, user input, etc. There are many other libraries available to assist OpenGL in development. The most common are freeglut, an Open Source implementation of GLUT, and SDL. However, freeglut is not stable enough to provide a GLUT clone, while SDL is too big for some people and has never had OpenGL as its main focus. GLFW is set to be a lightweight, modern library for handling OpenGL, windows and user input.

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Although GLFW is written in C, there are adaptations that exist for using the API with other programming languages including Ada, C Sharp, Common Lisp, D, Go, Haskell, Java, Nim, Python, Rebol, Red, Ruby, and Rust.[3] GLFW is written in C.[4] GLFW is a lightweight, modern library for handling OpenGL, windows, and user input.

How to SOLVE GLFW WGL OpenGL Error 65543

Some Minecraft players are encountering GLFW Error 65542 every time they try to start the game. This problem is reported to occur mainly on Windows 10 with the Java-based version of Minecraft.

Most users who had problems with this error code were able to Error GLFW 65542 Error GLFW 65542 by manually copying the missing opengl32.dll file into the JRE (Java directory). If that does not work or if you need to make manual modifications to the JAVA directory, you can also reinstall all GPU drivers to ensure that the opengl32.dll file is reinstalled.

However, if you encounter this problem with the Java version of Minecraft, this problem may be facilitated by a conflict with the DisplayLink driver. In this case, you can fix the problem by uninstalling the conflicting driver and restarting the game.

If this scenario applies, one way to fix the problem is to manually copy the missing .DLL file to a Java and JRE folder to allow Minecraft to use OpenGL. Many users have confirmed that this fix is currently working. 65542 Minecraft error.


The execution of a program in GLFW seems to me very simple, easy and clean from the point of view of OpenGL application development. It does not contain as many functions and as many options as SDL, but it is not obsolete as GLUT or Freeglut despite being more recent (being an improvement of GLUT). The idea of GLFW is to develop applications under OpenGL, with the necessary window, event and error handling functions. It does not contain sounds, default primitives (e.g. as in GLUT glutSolidTeapot), sprite handling, etc, etc.

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Actually, the complete explanation of every part of the program in GLFW is published in great detail on their web site as Getting started. The code developed and hosted in Github (go to page) is adapted to the GLUT style, simply to not generate so much “resistance to change” ;-). It also serves as a base or template to develop more complex applications. In a next post, I will post about its integration with GLEW for the use of shaders. In this address you can download the code that displays a triangle that should look like this: