What is melon JS?

Melon heart: Automatic mini-games

How convenient it is to buy cut fruit at the greengrocer’s, isn’t it? Ready to eat as soon as you leave the store. But as they say, all that glitters is not gold. At first glance, it is obvious that this product generates more packaging. In other words, more plastics. This is one of the negative points. The other factor to take into account and that we are probably not fully aware of is the precaution to be taken when we want to buy cut fruit. We already talked about the health hazard of buying already cut fruit in this post. What we do today is to focus on a specific fruit: melon. Why melon? Because besides being one of the fruits that are most sold cut (in pieces or halves) and because it is consumed a lot in summer, the particularities of this fruit make us aware of the dangers that exist when we cut it.

The YouTube Data API, how to create and curate content.

For Marcos Mexel Martínez, leader of the productive projects in Pondores, the problem with these projects is that “sometimes there is an excess of enthusiasm and the entities publish that we are doing very well, but the reality is different”.

For the former FARC combatants in Pondores, the success of their reincorporation also lies in the fact that the population benefits from sustainable projects. That is to say, that the initiatives not only benefit them, but also the neighboring populations.

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⚡ Vanilla Node API endpoint server scaffold. This is close to what you would come up with if you started writing Node server from scratch. I plan on updating this code with a complete API, so keep an eye on the repo!

El Melon was very Chiquito! DJ BLASS + JS BEATZ

Tiled Map Editor Allows to create maps using fixed size pieces called Tiles Simplifies the creation of the game: programmatically one concentrates on the behavior and forgets about design details.

ObjectsThey are used to assign a determined behavior.In our example game they are, The player and the rivalIt is necessary to assign a set of attributes to them so that our framework can execute them. Image: To assign the name of the image that corresponds to that element Spriteheight: To assign the height of the imageSpritewidht: To assign the width of the image.

PatternsThey are used to create the environment of the game and it is possible to assign a certain behavior to them.in our example game they are, the solid blocks on which you will move and the ramps on which you will jump. These act as elements of reaction before the collisions that the objects will have.Also, as in the objects, it is necessary to assign a set of attributes to them so that our framework can execute them. type: To assign the type of element and the behavior to which the object must react. This attribute can take the values: solid: Indicates the frame in which it will not be possible to move inside it. lslope: Indicates the frame with ramp from the left that drives the object. rslope: Indicates the frame with ramp from the right that drives the object. leader: Indicates the frame with ladder that allows to climb the object.

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