What is Oracle utility analytics?

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The plotting utility can optionally provide information about execution times. For this information to be stored, the TIMED_STATISTICS parameter must be enabled.

This parameter can be enabled at the database level by including it in the Oracle database parameter file (note: once the parameter is included, the database must be reinitialized for the change to take effect):

The default value of the MAX_DUMP_FILE_SIZE parameter is 500, i.e. our trace file will be able to occupy 500 blocks of the hard disk. This parameter can also be changed at session level with the ALTER SESSION command.

The default value of the USER_DUMP_DEST parameter depends on the operating system and cannot be changed at session level. Therefore, being a global system parameter, its value can only be changed by database administrators using the ALTER SYSTEM command.

The appropriate session_id and serial_id values have to be identified by the DBA by analyzing the records included in the V$SESSION view, the fields of this view that correspond to these values are SID and SERIAL#.

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Oracle is a powerful tool based on the Client/Server architecture for the management of Relational Databases developed by Oracle Corporation. It offers an intuitive browser-based interface, which is capable of managing databases, creating tables, views and other database objects, importing, exporting and viewing table data, executing SQL scripts and generating reports. In addition, it supports transactions, is stable, scalable and scalable.

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Another type of interface that Designer provides for data entry and manipulation is represented by repository utilities. These are all non-diagram oriented interfaces that are used to assist in the input of data in

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Although often associated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, EPM software complements ERP software by providing management information that is complementary to operational data. In other words, ERP is about business operations, the day-to-day transactional activity, while EPM is about managing the business: analyzing, understanding and reporting on the business.

In an environment of constant change, new competitors and economic uncertainty, EPM provides a tool for organizations to manage business agility. With Finance departments at the helm, EPM business processes – strategic modeling and planning, and consolidation, close, reporting and performance analysis – can help organizations understand their data and use it to make better business decisions.

Flexibility is the key to surviving disruption. Whether the disruption comes from external forces (such as new regulations or global weather events) or market realities (one product hits astronomical success while the other plummets), organizations that respond quickly will be able to stay ahead of the curve. A modern EPM solution enables you to understand how, when and where to adjust to disruptions.

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To compare within a DECODE with part of a text of the contents of a field, that is, to be able to use a like or other functions instead of the equality that takes by default the DECODE you can do the following:

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We would create a new data file of 100 Mb, and in autoextensible mode up to 1000 Mb. Of course, the specified path must be specific to each database, and a user with DBA privileges must be used for the whole process.

People, layers that there are people that already knew of these functions but good simply to leave it captured in some page and it can be of great utility to everybody. What I am going to post took me a while to find it and the idea with this is to make it easier to find it and also that it works because there is a lot of garbage going around the internet.