What is the authority granted to an agent through the agents contract?

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In the case of land traffic, the carrier must present to the Service, upon entry of the goods into the primary zone, the cargo manifest and the postal waybill, when applicable, as well as the list of passengers and crew members.

1.5.  Travelers and crew members leaving the national territory shall only be obliged to present, with the corresponding formalities, before the respective Customs Control, the goods not included in the concept of baggage.

Exports of copper scrap must be presented to the Service in due time prior to shipment in order to allow for physical examination by the inspection personnel.

f) Effects of Chilean diplomats, goods and equipment of diplomatic and consular missions and resident foreign international organizations, as well as household goods and personal effects of their officials.

g) Re-export of goods, equipment and effects of foreigners that in their entry have been covered by Tariff Item 0034 and/or have entered the Antarctic Bonded Warehouse, whose consignee is the same natural or juridical person to whom the entry exemption was granted at the time.

Who is the customs authority?

Thus, we can define customs authorities as those officials of the federal and state public administration agencies that exercise the functions and attributions in customs matters derived from the law and the various regulations.

Who grants the customs broker’s patent?

The customs broker is the natural person who is authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit through a patent, to promote on behalf of others the clearance of goods, in the different customs regimes provided for in the Customs Law.

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What does Article 36 of the Customs Law say?


Those who import or export merchandise are obliged to present before customs, through a customs broker or customs agent, a customs declaration on the official form approved by the Secretariat.

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Where is the application submitted? At the customs section through which the means of transport enters the country, through the temporary import system for tourist means of transport, together with the established supporting documents.

A term of up to 6 months will be granted, as long as it does not exceed the time of stay in the national customs territory granted by the competent authorities in the tourist’s visa or permit, when applicable.

Customs duties: are all duties, taxes, contributions, fees and charges of any kind, antidumping or compensatory duties and any payment that is fixed or required, directly or indirectly for the importation of goods into the national customs territory or in connection with such importation, as well as all kinds of stamp duties or charges that are required or assessed with respect to the documents required for the importation or, in any other way, in connection therewith.

Customs duties, sales tax, excise taxes caused with the importation, penalties, fines and surcharges on the price of services rendered are not considered customs duties.

What does the second paragraph of article 7 of the Customs Law mention?

The companies that transport the Goods referred to in the second paragraph of article 7 of the Law, shall transmit to the Customs Authority through the Customs Electronic System, at least twenty-four hours prior to their arrival in the country, the information that allows the identification of the Goods and of the …

Who is the customs authority in Mexico?

The General Customs Administration is a Federal Government entity under the Tax Administration Service (SAT, a decentralized agency of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit), whose main function is to facilitate, monitor and control the entry into and exit from the national territory of …

Who is the customs authority in Colombia?

The National Tax and Customs Directorate of Colombia (DIAN), as a Special Administrative Unit, with legal personality and administrative and budgetary autonomy, contributes to guaranteeing the fiscal security of the State and the protection of the national economic public order, through …

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Customs Law

The second reason is related to the reform being carried out in other modes of transport. Indeed, it seems a magnificent opportunity to take advantage of the momentum provided by the processing of the General Law on Maritime Navigation to also undertake the reform of the contract of carriage of goods carried out by other modes, such as road and rail. This would result in the updating of an important part of transport law.

The law chooses to regulate the contract of carriage of goods in its two variants, by road and by rail, in a unitary manner. In principle, the precepts are common to both modes, without prejudice to offering specific solutions for rail transport of goods in the appropriate places, when necessary or convenient.

Once again, the influence of international texts, mainly the CMR, is deeply felt in the precepts dedicated to the carrier’s liability for loss, damage or delay. There are certainly no compelling reasons for regulating the carrier’s liability in very different terms at the international and national levels. Thus, the same system of grounds for exoneration is adopted, with the now classic distinction between privileged and ordinary grounds based on the existence or not of evidentiary facilities.

What is required to obtain a customs broker’s patent?

To have a professional degree or its equivalent under the terms of the applicable law. Have more than three years of experience in customs matters. Exhibit proof of registration in the Federal Taxpayers Registry. Pass the knowledge test given by the customs authority and a psycho-technical test.

Who issues the request?

Within the international trade legislation it is necessary to have the pedimento document. This is a fiscal document elaborated in a form approved by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

What does Article 36 of the Mexican Constitution say?

Article 36.

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The organization and permanent operation of the national registry of citizens and the issuance of the document that accredits Mexican citizenship, are services of public interest and, therefore, a responsibility that corresponds to the State and to the citizens under the terms established by law; II.

Customs broker

The purpose is to cancel a registration that has been granted, ignoring the prior existence of a well-known trademark in the Andean area, which is confusingly similar to the registered trademark.

Actions necessary in a project to transform certain resources into products from a set of inputs, in a given period. Actions that consume resources and time, a responsible party and a resulting product can be identified.

Resolution ordering the performance of tests that this Superintendency considers necessary for the clarification of the facts, taking into account the requests of the parties or that need to be performed ex officio.

Administrative action by means of which the Superintendency, without any complaint or request, initiates a proceeding to investigate possible violations to regulations and/or orders and/or instructions under inspection, surveillance and control of the Superintendency. Preliminary inquiries also constitute an ex officio action when initiated without prior request from any person.