Whats the difference between a warranty and a protection plan?

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Guarantees of Non-Repetition are considered both one of the forms of reparation to victims and one of the general principles of international responsibility of States. These guarantees, unlike restitution, compensation, rehabilitation and satisfaction measures, are aimed at society with the purpose of preventing the repetition of the violation of victims’ rights, as well as eliminating and overcoming the structural causes of the massive violation of human rights and/or international humanitarian law within society. Guarantees of non-repetition comprise two dimensions: one preventive and the other restorative.

The effective implementation of guarantees of non-repetition ensures the achievement of peace and the strengthening of democracy, taking into account that guarantees of non-repetition must respond to territorial contexts, characteristics and needs. Likewise, the Victims Unit has based its development and application on the development of a reconciliation approach that tends to restore trust, democracy, victims’ rights, and the territory between the State, communities and antagonists.


Covers the repair or replacement of the vehicle’s elements that have any mechanical or electrical failure. Below are some examples of the items covered, which may vary by model or type of vehicle.

GM Warranty Plus® can be purchased through the dealer of your choice at the time you purchase your vehicle. You can also purchase it after the purchase, ask your sales consultant about time and mileage limitations.

GENERAL MOTORS DE MÉXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. (“GMM”), GM Financial de México, S.A. de C.V. SOFOM, E.R. (“GMF”) and Assurant are independent legal entities. GMM and GMF assume no responsibility for the performance to be performed between the customer or beneficiary of the Extended Warranty Contract and Assurant.

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It also takes into account new circumstances, mainly the increase in cross-border flows of personal data as a consequence of the functioning of the internal market, the challenges posed by rapid technological evolution and globalization, which has made personal data the fundamental resource of the information society. The centrality of personal information has positive aspects, because it enables new and better services, products or scientific findings. But it also has risks, because information on individuals is multiplying exponentially, is more accessible, by more actors, and is increasingly easy to process while it is more difficult to control its destination and use.

This organic law consists of ninety-seven articles structured in ten titles, twenty-two additional provisions, six transitory provisions, one derogatory provision and sixteen final provisions.

The novel regulation of data referring to deceased persons stands out, since, after excluding their processing from the scope of application of the law, it allows persons linked to the deceased for family or de facto reasons or their heirs to request access to them, as well as their rectification or deletion, if necessary, subject to the instructions of the deceased. It also excludes from the scope of application the processing governed by specific provisions, in reference, among others, to the regulations transposing the aforementioned Directive (EU) 2016/680, with the fourth transitory provision providing for the application to such processing of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, until the aforementioned regulations are approved.

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Plan CrecienteSialpWould you like to know how Plan Creciente Sialp can help you to make your savings profitable in the medium and long term? Leave us your details and an agent will contact you to answer all your questions and offer you personalized information based on your savings needs.

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You will be able to exercise the right of partial surrender at any time once the first annuity of the policy has elapsed. The maximum amount you can request is 30% of the total value of the investment on the day the surrender request is received by Nationale-Nederlanden. The minimum amount will be 1.000€.

Plan Creciente? Plan Creciente is a Unit Linked product that offers you the opportunity to invest in investment funds while limiting the risks, thanks to its daily and increasing guarantee of 80% of the highest value of the investment.

You may exercise the right of total surrender at any time after the first annuity of the policy has elapsed. If the surrender takes place before the fifth (5th) anniversary of the policy, you will not be entitled to enjoy the IRPF tax exemption.