Are band-aids eco friendly?

How to make a cutter to make plastic ropes with

ZANABILI Alep Soap has been used for generations for skin care and hygiene, with 5% laurel oil and the rest olive oil. Ideal for moisturizing dry skin.

These alternatives for your kitchen are plastic-free, 100% biodegradable, sustainable and non-polluting. Because the luffa comes from a plant, from the cucurbitaceae family (like cucumbers or zucchini) and its production is handmade.

Food wraps made with 100% sustainably sourced cotton and using the finest 100% vegan soy wax, these eco-friendly food wraps are the perfect alternative to plastic food wraps, cling film and foil.They help keep food fresh without the toxins associated with wraps….

The skimmer is a slightly concave paddle with holes, which takes its name from the function of removing foam from broths. Like the other utensils that are part of this silicone line, the skimmer is made of platinum silicone, a non-stick material, which does not stick to the surface of the food….

How to Make a Bag with MAGAZINE (upcycled) / HANDBAG

Free Shipping: in Peninsula orders over 50€* Consult other destinations.Sustainable Shipping: Free of plastic, using reused and upcycled materials.Satisfaction Guarantee: We extend the deadline for exchanges and returns of your purchases up to 30 days.

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Zero waste products

There are many reasons to value these plasters highly. Some of the most outstanding ones we can mention are that they are hypoallergenic, latex and paraben-free, sterile, breathable, renewable and plastic-free, and made without irritants or toxins.

With an approximate price of 28 cents per band-aid (here you have them), it is normal that you want to inquire about whether they are the best. The truth is that they are, from the recyclable packaging with 0 presence of plastics to the panda bear prints that make them more interesting for the little ones.

Sew to Sell Ecological Sanitary Towels

Discover our catalog of personalized and advertising eco-friendly corporate gifts. Giving a personalized eco-friendly product as a gift means collaborating with the environment. An ecological article with the logo of your brand or business will undoubtedly satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. We offer personalized products with an ecological seal: ecological advertising bags, personalized solar chargers, personalized ecological pens, promotional ecological notebooks, advertising solar powerbanks, ecological USB memories… all of them, products of the maximum actuality and demand in the market of the promotional gift.