How can I get a free wheelchair UK?

How can I get a free wheelchair UK?

An inspiration! Marito plays soccer in a wheelchair

Most London Underground stations are accessed by stairs, and in many there is a step to board the train or a gap between the carriage and the platform. This makes access to the Underground difficult for many disabled people.

However, Transport for London, which manages the capital’s transport system, wants to make the Underground accessible to all and is making improvements. Many London Underground stations can now be reached from the street to the platform without using the stairs, and others from the street to the train.

On our free London maps website you can download a London Underground map to see which stations do not have stairs. You can also use the Transport for London Route Planner to map out a route to suit your needs if you need to avoid steps and escalators or walk as little as possible.

All trains on the Underground network have priority seating by the doors for people with disabilities and those who need to be seated. Many of the trains have spaces for wheelchairs.

Who can donate a wheelchair to me?

At Fundación Telmex Telcel we donate wheelchairs for the benefit of low-income people from all over the country with mobility problems caused by genetic disease, accident or the effects of aging, with the aim of improving their quality of life and contributing to their social inclusion, in order to help them to improve their quality of life and to …

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How to apply for a wheelchair from the government?


The applicant goes in person to the offices of the Municipal DIF with the necessary documentation to initiate the process of support, is attended by staff of the Social Work department, requests in writing the donation, loan (commodatum) to obtain the wheelchair.

How to get a loaner wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are always paid for by Social Security. Only a series of procedures must be followed. To get a wheelchair by the Social Security, you must go to a specialist doctor of the Social Security, not being valid the prescription by a private doctor.

Margaret Keenan, 90, first person to be vaccinated in the United States.

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Where do you donate wheelchairs in Guatemala?

Pick it up at the Secretary of Social Affairs of the Municipality of Guatemala, located at Avenida Centroamérica 18-56, Zona 1, Guatemala City.

Who is the wheelchair lady in Colombia?

INACTIVE PROJECT Fundación Caminos Por Colombia in alliance with Freewheelchair Mission, in its 7 years of history, delivered more than 4,000 all-terrain wheelchairs to people with disabilities throughout the country, especially in remote and inaccessible places.

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How much does Social Security finance a wheelchair?

As an approximation, we can say that for a manual wheelchair the subsidized amount is between 250-450 € for manual wheelchairs and around 3,500 € for electric wheelchairs.


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Where to apply for a walker to Social Security?

You go to your family doctor of the National Health System of your autonomous community who, in some cases, will refer you to a specialist. It should always be a public health doctor who evaluates your case and, therefore, determines whether you need a walker for the elderly and its type.

What is the price of a walker?

90,00 € (tax incl.) Handicapped walker with 4 wheels and bicycle type brakes for outdoor travel. Made of aluminum, is lightweight, anatomical, adjustable and foldable.

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What is the best walker for seniors on the market?

Dolomite Legacy 4-wheeled walker, one of the most recommended walkers for the elderly. With exceptional value for money and features to make life more comfortable for the user, the Dolomite Legacy four-wheeled walker is one of the best walkers for the elderly on the market.


As long as it is possible, I will try to do some excursions around those cities, although I am a bit limited to know if I will be able to count on accessible accommodation (only without stairs because I manage well in the rest).

– I know that in London I won’t have any inconvenience. My big doubt is in the smaller cities and the transfer to them, so that is why I need your help to make me discard complicated destinations or add some that are possible. In addition to accommodation, I have doubts about transportation.