How can I practice pool by myself?

How can I practice pool by myself?

Pooking – billiards city

Billiards is a sport that, at least in our country, has been waning in popularity. A hobby shared by several generations was the escape route for thousands of young people like José María Murillo, who until the time of entering the university played this sport, although it was not until his retirement when he decided it was time to recover old hobbies. This is the story of the president of the Betis Florida Billiards Club, but it could be the story of any of the fans who today practice this discipline that, unfortunately, seems to be in danger of extinction.

A few decades ago, the city of Alicante had about fifteen clubs where this sport was practiced, but the arcades suffered a first transformation with the arrival of arcade machines, the famous “Marcianitos”, which were also relegated with the advent of home video game consoles.

At present, the Betis Florida Billiards Club has 36 members, most of them federated, which allows them to participate in competitions between towns in the province, and maintains a team in the Division of Honor, one in first and one in second that play against other teams in the province.

Pool billiards

Billiards is a sport of precision, and this is demonstrated in every shot. It is not only the intensity and direction of the stroke that counts, but also touching a specific area of the cue ball, as this gives different effects. In the game of 8 Ball Pool we can reproduce these techniques, so it is possible to use the spin of the cue ball.

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The title has a particular system to perform one stroke or another. Since we do not have a physical cue to hit, it uses a red dot to place the impact of the ball with the cue. A simple system that allows us to implement this technique for different situations, which we are going to expose.

To implement this system, we must click on the ball that is located in the upper right corner, with a red dot. The ball will appear in a floating form and much more enlarged to place the point of the stroke in the area we want. We have left, right, upper and lower zones. In addition, we can also use the diagonals of the ball. For this, we are going to exemplify it with real situations of play:

Carrom pool: disc game

If you want to improve your billiard game, read these tips carefully. They are not all that they are, nor are they all that count. However, they can serve as a wake-up call when it comes to correcting the vices of billiard amateurs. I start with the subject of chalk. A basic concept.

If you want to practice billiards or perhaps want to improve your skills, I recommend a billiards book on Amazon that will help you. It is Billiards three cushions training program by José María Quetglás.

Shooting ball

At first I was not planning to talk about it on the blog, although when I saw it I found it curious, but two things have happened this week that have made me notice it again and finally treat it here.

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One has been the unusual number of visits (more than 6,000) that has received in these days a post I published quite some time ago (December 8, 2015) which consisted of a riddle that I proposed also of balls, although in this case of Christmas….

And someone will say that we have cheated and that this is not valid, but the truth is that it is the most correct way to use this ball, because in American billiards the smooth green ball is precisely the 6, and the nine ball is the yellow striped ball…

This post is part of the Carnival of Mathematics, which in this seventy-second edition, also called 8.2, is organized by Rafael Martínez González through his blog El mundo de Rafalillo.

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