How do I stop my blind dog from bumping?

How to cure a blind dog

Unfortunately some dogs can suffer vision loss and become blind. There are some breeds such as German Shepherd, Cocker or Labradors, among others, in which this disease occurs more frequently.

Fortunately, sight is the third sense for dogs, after smell and hearing, so blindness does not affect them in the same way as it does us and with a few eases they can resume their previous rhythm of life.

At first you may feel disoriented and confused but we must know that blind dogs can also enjoy life just like any other dog, we just need to adapt. Never better said “It is neither the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives. It is the one that is more adaptable to change”.

A blind dog can regain its sight

This question may seem somewhat absurd, but it is often difficult to answer. Animals with acute blindness will be frightened, disoriented, stumble over objects, stay away and hide, not jump on beds or couches, have difficulty handling stairs or not be able to find their favorite toy.

Acute blindness is easy to observe because the signs are obvious. Chronic or slow onset blindness is more complicated to observe because the animal is getting used to its new state. They will not show symptoms inside the house, they will avoid fixed obstacles and they will know where their things are because they learn it by heart and are guided.

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They will walk close to the walls using their sense of touch. On the other hand, they will show signs of disorientation or will crash if we change objects or take them out of their environment (a walk in the street or an unfamiliar area). Often the blindness manifests itself in certain conditions (with darkness or light) and we observe that the animal handles itself worse in those environments.

Accessories for blind dogs

Blindness is a health condition that can affect dogs of all ages. Some dogs are completely blind, while others have partial vision loss: Some puppies are born blind and others lose their sight over time.

In some cases it is very obvious that a dog is completely blind or has poor vision. If your dog bumps into walls, other objects, has trouble finding his toys, locating his food bowl, or does not make eye contact with you, it is likely that he has a marked loss of vision.

Dogs with poor vision are often reluctant to jump to or from high places, are uncomfortable in new places, and tend to stay at the heels of their handlers. Obviously vision is one of the main senses, not only for our canine friends, but for the vast majority of animals, since through it they can evaluate their environment and perceive dangers in it. It is for this reason that these dogs feel vulnerable, showing signs of fear or aggression in order to protect themselves.

My dog suddenly went blind

Blindness in dogs is a condition that can depend on several factors, for example: an accident, old age or because the animal was born that way. That said, the motivation in any case does not change the problems that may arise with the animal in these conditions…

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Seeing our four-legged friend in difficulty for the simplest movements even to be able to go and do his business is really very sad. In particular when this condition of blindness begins in a phase of aging of the dog, the most delicate moment of the animal’s life that passes from its cheerful vivacity to an almost static state and with little energy.

That’s why also encourage him to go out and here you are asking: “How do you walk a blind dog?”. In the next few paragraphs we will give you some tips on how to care for, how to play with and how to take a blind dog out.

Unfortunately, the dog ages very fast compared to humans and more often than not, we find ourselves witnessing his death.. Until then it is our duty and responsibility to take care of him and in some cases like this one of his blindness, besides treating him, it will be necessary to dedicate much more time and give him real assistance, especially outside the house.