How do you clean your bottom?

How to wash your anus so it doesn’t smell bad.

It all boils down to simple anatomy: when seated, your buttocks spread apart, allowing you to clean the anal opening more easily. If you stand up, you naturally squeeze your cheeks together, making it less likely that you can get really clean.

For example, if it’s ‘infused with aloe and vitamin E’, it could create a burning sensation if your skin is sensitive. If it’s ‘ultra-strong’, it could contain formaldehyde which is not only considered a skin irritant, but may also be linked to cancer. And while recycled toilet paper is better for the environment, these brands are often rougher in texture and therefore rougher on the butt.

How to clean the rectum without enemas

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How to clean the tail while standing or sitting

If there are obstacles on the window (dirt, snow, etc.), the wiper will try to sweep away all obstacles. If an obstacle impedes the movement of the wiper, the wiper may stop. Remove the obstacle, wait about 30 seconds and reactivate the wiper with the wiping handle.

In addition to the rear window washer, holding the hand for a longer time activates two sweeps of the rear window wiper, followed by a third sweep after a few seconds (droplet elimination function).

How to clean the anus with a syringe

Some people advise soaking toilet paper with a little water to clean the area. However, toilet paper is too thin to resist soaking, while paper towels are very absorbent, but too hard for the rectal area. It is for this reason that it is optimal to wipe off the vast majority of the dirt with toilet paper and then go through a quick wash in the bidet.

On the other hand, it is also recommended to wipe from front to back, moving the debris away from the groin. Women are usually advised to keep feces away from the vaginal canal to prevent urinary tract infections such as cystitis. Once you have cleaned the area in the bidet, use a towel to remove excess moisture. Believe it or not, moisture can irritate skin folds or cause a yeast infection.

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