How long does it take to learn pool?


Arriving at the Atanasio Girardot stadium and after walking a little, next to the entrance of the north stand, I found the billiard league, an unusual place because it is not easy to imagine that there are people who are professionally engaged in rolling some ivory balls on a table.

The league started in 1991 thanks to the work of the board of directors of that time whose president was Jose Ignacio Moreno. Since then, several representatives of this sport in the country have passed through it, such as Fernando Cardona, better known as “Remache”, who is one of the mentors in the institution.

I was struck by the name “perro” (dog) to refer to the players. Don Ovidio and Don Jairo told me that Perros are the best, Marranos are those who despite playing are not good and have their heads down like pigs and Patos are those who go to watch and make noise but not to learn or spend.

After being in the league I decided to visit “the elite”. The Aburrá Billiards are located in the center of the city, in Caracas and Palacé in front of El Cid Shopping Center, as they are on the second floor it is difficult to find them. I walked several blocks around to find the place.

What is billiards and how is it played?

Billiards is a precision sport played by driving a variable number of balls (formerly made of ivory) with a cue on a table with a cloth-covered slate top, surrounded by bands of elastic material and with or without pockets. It had the Olympic charter for the 2004 Olympic Games.

How to play carom billiards?

It is considered a carom when the cue ball hits the other two balls in the same shot. But to be valid, the cue ball must have hit at least three rails, which may be different or repeated, before hitting the second ball. The player continues his turn until he misses or fouls.

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How to win a game of billiards?

You do not hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. The turn goes to your opponent, who can take the cue ball in his hand and place it anywhere on the table. Neither the cue ball nor any other numbered ball hits a rail.

What is billiards and how to play

1. No food, drinks, pets, coolers, cigarettes, sharp objects, tricycles, scooters, skateboards, balloons, balls, firearms, whistles, horns or objects that make noise are allowed in the facilities.

b) Time: 30 or 60 minutes of play for a maximum of 5 people. We do not guarantee the total term of 10 double throws per person, as this will depend on the time taken, the speed of the game and the number of players.

7. For your safety, it is mandatory to enter the game area using special bowling shoes, with non-slip rubber soles. For hygiene reasons, these shoes must be worn with cotton socks that cover the entire area of the shoe. If you do not have socks or the socks are too small, you may purchase the appropriate socks at the cashier’s office.

9. Minors wishing to enter the players’ area, as a spectator or player, must have bowling shoes. The minimum size is 27 (national) or 10 (international). If the minor does not reach the minimum shoe size, he/she will not be allowed to enter the players’ area.

How are the points in billiards?

15 red balls with a value of 1 point each. 1 yellow ball (2 points) 1 green ball (3 points) 1 brown ball (4 points)

How to play Casin billiards?

Casín is the name given to the pool table game played with three balls (one white, one orange and one yellow), five sticks (four white and one red) and whose objective is to hit the opponent’s ball and try to score points by turning over the sticks in the center of the table, with or without a carom.

How are the effects on billiards?

In the game of billiards, a spin is the rotational movement that the ball makes on itself, while moving in one direction. You are going to discover the main effects in billiards, such as: Full Ball, Backspin and Running. In addition, we are also going to explain the Picado and the Side Spin Shot.

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How to play carom billiards

“The stop and the cue in the center to face the ball, my attacking ball goes to the front of the center and I am ready to lift the cue and raise it up to my waist where I have the belt of my pants, that is the height because if you leave it lower it hits the handrail,” explained Don Genaro Acosta.

He says that the points located on the edge of the table have certain values and the corner equals 0, then horizontally there are 10, 20, 30 and 40, but along the table, that is to say vertically it has up to 80 points.

As a composer, she managed to create a not very abundant but delicate and exquisite work of a particular sensitivity that includes a piano concerto, piano pieces, chamber works and songs. All her compositions were very well received and admired in her time.

La “profe” is the Margarita of the present. Like her namesake of the past, she is a victim of the war. She was widowed because her husband was killed in combat and, as if this were not enough, she is the mother of a missing son. In addition, the displacement of her territory forced her to migrate to the city where she knew nothing and no one.

How does the spinning work in 8 Ball Pool?

To implement this system, we must click on the ball located in the upper right corner, with a red dot. The ball will appear in a floating form and much more enlarged to place the point of the stroke in the area we want.

How to make easy money in 8 Ball Pool?

There are daily missions that you can perform to get rewards in the form of coins. A tip related to this trick to earn coins in 8 Ball Pool is that, when you enter the application, activate the notifications to receive challenges. Playing in 9 Ball is one of the fastest ways to earn rewards.

How to play the 8-ball?

8-Ball is an announced shooting game played with one cue ball and fifteen colored balls numbered 1 through 15. One player must pocket the group of balls 1 through 7 (smooth), and the other player must pocket the group of balls 9 through 15 (striped). The player who pockets his group of balls first, and then the 8-ball legally, wins the game.

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How to shoot in billiards

1- Walk around and look at the table. It is very important to take the time you need to walk around the table and take a good look at all the possible moves you can make on your turn. Deciding which is the best move you should make next is extremely important, and should not be taken lightly.

2- Keep your eyes straight ahead. It is normal to tend to turn your head to look at the table, but that gives you a disadvantage, since you are looking sideways at the shot, something that may not give you all the information you need. Always look straight ahead when evaluating your next shot can be the difference between a good shot and a bad one.

3- Always keep your hand and back relaxed. Being tense can be your worst enemy in a game of pool. If you don’t relax the hand with which you hold the cue you can apply more tension than necessary and reduce the chances of your shot being as accurate as you want it to be. Concentration and relaxation are essential to make your shots better.