Is Siemens hearing aids still in business?

Repair of oticon hearing aids

For a correct maintenance of the hearing aid, it is important to use dehumidification devices, especially if we tend to sweat. There are two systems: Dehumidification tablets or electrical systems, but the operation is the same. Every night, when we take off our hearing aids, we must remove the battery and introduce them without battery and with mold inside the dehumidifying device, if it is electric, or in an airtight can in which we will have previously introduced a dehumidifying tablet.

How do I know if my hearing aids are no longer useful?

Check the device settings

Another solution you can try to find out if your headphones are working properly is the device’s audio settings. Some smartphones have equalizers or apps that boost the sound and it is possible that they are disabled.

Why don’t my hearing aids sound?

Check that the audio source is turned on and working. If your audio source is a computer or laptop, try adjusting the settings. If you still hear distorted sound, try a new audio source and an alternate cable.

Why are hearing aids coupled?

Lack of proper sealing of the CAE or ear canal by the earmold (in the case of a behind-the-ear hearing aid) or by the housing (in the case of an in-the-ear hearing aid). Failure or defective assembly of the hearing aids: for example, when the earphone is not properly fixed.

How to fix a hearing aid

Precisely, most hearing aids have a filter or other systems that prevent earwax from penetrating inside. In this way, we avoid that they can cause breakdowns and loss of hearing quality.

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Undoubtedly, in a global pandemic scenario, in this 2020, cleanliness is more important than ever. Therefore, we explain the main recommendations for the correct cleaning of your hearing aids.

However, the accumulation of this wax is one of the main causes of hearing aid failure. Thus, earwax clogs the sound outlet or the ventilation opening causing a weak or distorted sound or no sound at all.

Earwax is therefore one of the main causes of hearing aid problems. However, using a wax protection system as well as tools to remove wax that may have accumulated will extend the life of your hearing aids.

On the other hand, there are wipes that can make the task easier. Thus, with a simple cleaning kit you will be able to maintain your hearing aids, whether behind-the-ear or in-the-ear, without problems.

Why can only one earphone be heard?

If the sound is heard only from the left side of the headphones, make sure that the device you are connected to is capable of stereo output. IMPORTANT: A monaural device only outputs sound from the left side.

How to make my cell phone read my hearing aids?

The jack output has been disabled

So, check that the phone has the volume turned on, that it makes sounds and check that it is not on mute, from the quick settings of the phone. It is something as simple as effective, in case this is what is happening on the phone.

How to clean the headphone jack?

Clean it with isopropyl alcohol.

For stubborn residue, dip the swab in a little isopropyl alcohol. Make sure it has a light coating and is not soaked or soggy. Squeeze out excess moisture first. Then put it back into the connector and twist it again.

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Because a hearing aid sounds

The corporation remains one of the world’s leading suppliers of assistive hearing devices today.  Every fourth hearing aid offered worldwide comes from Siemens.

You can actually normally regulate the settings of your respective Siemens hearing aid to the respective circumstances whenever you want.  In reality, the wedding reception transmitted plus the pleasure of songs can be achieved through the management by means of the iPhone app.  With regard to hearing problems along with hearing problems, interaction with people endures.  It is difficult to comprehend the person you might be talking to effectively and also concentrate on key objects among the probable background tones.

Thanks to inductive recharging coils, there is no need to have recharging connections, etc. The particular Movement on hearing aids through Siemens can be purchased in several versions for in-the-ear or behind-the-ear devices.

How to make the two wireless headphones sound?

One of the ways is through an adapter that accumulates the audio from the Smartphone through the headphone jack and at the same time generates two Bluetooth signals. This way you can connect two headphones to your phone. Although this is a completely valid solution, it is not the most recommended as it is an expensive adapter.

How to calibrate a hearing aid?

This requires information from the patient’s audiometry. Calibration takes into account: loud sounds, soft sounds, the patient’s own voice, and the aim is to reduce background noises. The speech and listening situations of the individual’s daily life are also taken into account.

What is feedback in hearing aids?

Feedback is the leakage of sound from the earpiece of the hearing aid into the microphone. … The amplified sound returns to the microphone and this closed loop of sound transmission is continuously amplified to the point where an annoying whistling sound is produced.


The first hearing enhancement devices were created in the 17th century. The development of devices to reach the modern aids available at the beginning of the 21st century began with the invention of the telephone, and the first electrical hearing device was created in 1898.

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CORTI ORGAN. It was named after Alfonso Corti, who in 1851 discovered that this was the true center of hearing. This organ is a receptor structure attached to the basilar membrane, located in the cochlear canal.

The first hearing aids usually consisted of a separate microphone, an amplifier, earphones and a bulky battery. Because the device worked best when placed on the table and used with a pair of headphones, it was quite cumbersome to use.

A headset works thanks to one or two microphones, a processor and a speaker. From there they are sent to the loudspeaker, through which sounds are transmitted from the outer ear to the inner ear, then transformed into electrical impulses that are picked up and processed by the brain.