Is washing your bum better than wiping?

Is washing your bum better than wiping?

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Maintaining intimate hygiene is important for our health and well-being. And when it comes to cleanliness, the anus can often become a problem area. Sometimes if we do not clean it properly, fecal debris can accumulate in the area generating irritations and discomfort, and causing bad odor. That is why at we explain how to clean your anus properly and stay healthy.

It is important that before cleaning your anus you make sure that you have finished evacuating, this way you will not have to perform the hygiene and then repeat it again. Take your time, it is necessary to make sure that you have had a complete bowel movement.

The first thing we recommend is that you invest in a good toilet paper. To avoid rubbing, wounds, discomfort and even hemorrhoids, it is advisable to choose a soft toilet paper and thick sheet, which allows you to spend less and above all to ensure gentleness.

It is not necessary to use the whole roll of toilet paper to clean your anus, even less if it is of good quality. It is enough to take about three squares of paper to start the procedure. You should know that the best way to clean your anus well is to remain seated, since standing up you do not have the same reach.

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Some people advise soaking toilet paper with a little water to clean the area. However, toilet paper is too thin to resist soaking, while paper towels are very absorbent, but too hard for the rectal area. It is for this reason that it is optimal to wipe off the vast majority of the dirt with toilet paper and then go through a quick wash in the bidet.

On the other hand, it is also recommended to wipe from front to back, moving the debris away from the groin. Women are usually advised to keep feces away from the vaginal canal to prevent urinary tract infections such as cystitis. Once you have cleaned the area in the bidet, use a towel to remove excess moisture. Believe it or not, moisture can irritate skin folds or cause a yeast infection.

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Another guy here wonders, “hey, do all the droppings need to be removed down there or just the fattest stuff?”. A girl here implores, “this guy spends all day with leftovers between his buttocks – is that grounds for an unsalvageable breakup?”. The net has shown us that this is a phenomenon that crosses national and language borders.


Some civilization’s contemporaries, the Greeks, were not far behind in preventing pigeons from impregnating their clothes. In their case, they cleaned themselves with stones and pieces of clay, smooth and without sharp parts.

But be they Greeks, Romans or any other civilization, what seems to be clear is that there was no such thing as a soft roll of paper as we have in our homes, so they had to rub themselves with anything. To the elements of the Greeks and Romans we should add the anal tools of the Inuit (moss in summer and snow in winter) or the seashells and seaweed of those who lived near the sea. There were Europeans who even used their hands to clear whatever was in there. And Muslims, in fact, used water with the left hand, considered impure. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the American colonists and the Mayans used corn cobs.

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