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Cesfam Janitorial Assistant Duties

Also known as: Sanitation Operator, Janitor, Industrial Cleaning Operator, Cleaning Assistant, General Cleaning Assistant, Cleaning Supervisor, Housekeeping Supervisor, Housekeeper, Cleaning Intendant, Cleaning Operator, Cleaning and Maintenance Operator, Industrial Cleaning Operator, Cleaning Porter.

Cleaning Operators are in charge of providing a clean environment in homes, offices, educational centers, hospitals, commercial establishments, among others. Jobs for these people are available in all types of industries and companies; their responsibility lies in keeping spaces neat and tidy, disposing of garbage and other waste, and maintaining hygiene and organization. Wherever there are people working, there will undoubtedly be a cleaning crew.

Depending on the type of establishment, previous experience in the field will be valued; for example, in the case of a job opportunity to clean a residence, previous work is not required, while in the case of a five-star hotel, someone who has previously dealt with similar environments is required.

Occupational hazards for janitorial personnel

Dry cleaning assistants control cleaning equipment, such as a steam press or dry cleaning machine, and clean clothes according to customer instructions. They remove stains with chemicals, and perform minor repairs to clothing.

Those who work in a dry cleaner’s shop serve customers face-to-face. When a customer brings in a garment to be cleaned – for example, a jacket – the dry cleaning assistant examines the garment and explains to the customer the cleaning treatment that will be applied, how long the cleaning will take, and the cost of the service.

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They then label the garment or fabric item for identification, take the customer’s contact information and give the customer a receipt. They may charge before or after the service, when the customer picks up the cleaned garment.

Most dry cleaners operate with self-employed workers and clean most items in the store. Dry cleaning assistants order cleaning supplies, load and unload cleaning machines, and remove stains by hand. To remove stains by hand, they use chemicals directly (but carefully) on the stain.

What does a cleaning assistant do?

Rengo, May 13, 2020- Currently, facing the advance of the pandemic in our country, avoiding its spread through the disinfection of spaces where people live plays a fundamental role. In this context, the Rengo Hospital has a large team of Service Assistants, who ensure the cleaning and sanitization of the entire hospital, working with preventive measures, such as the use of gloves and masks for the safety of staff and patients.

“The Auxiliary Service staff has always been concerned about the tasks of cleanliness, order and hygiene of the hospital grounds. In this sense, today the work they perform is of vital importance, since all the disinfection and sanitization functions of the different parts of the establishment are essential to combat any type of pandemic, particularly respiratory infections”, emphasized the director of the Rengo Hospital, Osvaldo Pontigo.

Profile cleaning staff


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