What do you mean by countervailing measure?

Examples of subsidies in Mexico

The compensatory pension is the economic amount that one of the spouses will receive from the other in the case that the divorce or separation provokes in the first one an economic imbalance. It can be agreed by mutual agreement by the spouses or in case of disagreement it can be agreed by the judge at the request of one of the parties. The request of this pension will have to be done in any case at the moment of the separation or divorce, and it will be able to be vital or temporary.

The Provisional Measures are those measures that are agreed prior to the divorce in order to be able to regulate the situation during the long months that a divorce sentence can take. The provisional measures will be agreed by the judge and are those that we list below:

However, this Court before dictating this sentence in which it decrees the divorce and all its definitive measures, dictated Auto agreeing provisional measures among which was The Compensatory Pension in favor of the mother, being this order appealed by the procedural representation of the father, opposing the determination of the compensatory pension as a provisional measure. The appeal was rejected.

Environmental compensatory measure

Order AAA/2231/2013, of 25 November, which regulates the procedure for communication to the European Commission of compensatory measures regarding the conservation of the Natura 2000 Network adopted in relation to plans, programs and projects, and consultation prior to their adoption, provided for in Law 42/2007, of 13 December, on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity.

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In the second article of Law 11/2012, of December 19, on urgent environmental measures, the eighth final provision of Law 42/2007, of December 13, on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, is amended.

Therefore, the purpose of this Order is to establish a regulated procedure of communication to the European Commission, both of the compensatory measures and of the request for prior consultation, within the framework of the provisions of Article 45 of Law 42/2007, of December 13, 2007.

1. For plans, programs or projects authorized or approved by the General State Administration, the substantive body of a given project, or the promoting body, in the case of plans or programs, shall communicate to the General Directorate responsible for the natural environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the compensatory measures that have been included in the corresponding Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Environmental Report (EM). At the same time, it will inform the General Directorate competent in the natural environment of the corresponding Autonomous Community or City, for its knowledge. The communication will be made within 30 days from the final approval of the project, plan or program, and always before the execution of the same and the application of the adopted compensatory measures begins.

Example of a compensatory measure

The Commission also notes that, given the potential distortive effect of aid for the restructuring of firms in difficulty, the Community guidelines on State aid for rescuing and restructuring firms in difficulty include specific criteria to ensure that the granting of aid is limited to the strict minimum needed to restore the firm’s viability, minimizing the risk of distortion of competition.

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Reflections and actions to remove the main obstacles are continuing with regard to the recognition of foreign diplomas, the recognition of periods of study or training in the EU and the recognition of periods of training in the EU.

Although the Commission should compare the various scientific opinions, it is not enough to be justified in the face of this type of proposal, which has serious repercussions of many different kinds – social, economic, social, economic, social and environmental.

In order to ensure that the negative effects on trading conditions are minimized as far as possible, so that the positive effects outweigh the negative ones, it is necessary to introduce trade-offs. eur-lex.europa.eu

Safeguard measures

regime of National Parks, particularly as regards hunting, which is a deeply rooted tradition in depressed areas characterized by low-yield extensive or upland farming and a shortage of transport infrastructure.

The future fiscal policy stance and the implementation of tax reforms and compensatory expenditure control measures should take into account the prevailing macroeconomic environment and the expected impact of other policies.

The future fiscal stance and the implementation of tax reforms and off-setting expenditure restraint should take into account the prevailing macro-economic environment and the expected impact from other policy developments. ecb.europa.eu

a member of a corporate group (which is not included in the insolvency proceedings), as they could conflict with, for example, asset protection rights or raise concerns about constitutional rights.

Compensatory measures can minimize this contradiction; – among the compensatory strategies is the recognition of home and family care as decent work, which requires remuneration.

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