What does non subsidy mean?

Subsidize meaning and synonym

The autonomic aids are to subsidize individual entrepreneurs, to found a new business or project or to finance training, either through free courses that are linked to the activity of the company.

To regulate the subsidies there is the General Law of Subsidies in which important terms are specified, among which the most important is that in order to be granted a subsidy, certain requirements must be fulfilled.

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What does a grant mean?

It is a financial aid received by a person or a group of people from a public body with the aim of helping to carry out an activity that requires a high investment or that the person in question would not be able to cope with alone.

What does the word incited mean?

1. adj. Proper and connatural to something and as born in it.

What is subsidizing synonyms?

To grant a subsidy or financial assistance: … 1 subsidize, subsidize. Example: This cultural program is subsidized by private enterprise.

Subsidize examples

The amount that can be obtained monthly to subsidize social security contributions is fixed and is calculated with the amount of the full social security contribution for the first month of the activity as a self-employed person, or as a member of a cooperative or labor or mercantile company.

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In the aforementioned cases, when the activity ceases, the unemployment benefit may be resumed upon request. If the application is submitted within 15 working days following the cessation of self-employment, the right to receive the benefit will begin on the day following the cessation of self-employment.

If, after the termination of self-employment, you are entitled to unemployment benefit, you can choose between receiving this benefit or reopening the suspended unemployment benefit. If you opt for the previous benefit, the contributions that gave rise to the new benefit (which you have not chosen) cannot be taken into account for access to a subsequent benefit.

What is an example grant?

These are aids granted for or for the exercise of the activity or to compensate expenses incurred by the company, such as for example: export aid, aid for hiring personnel, to compensate fuel expenses, advertising, attendance at trade fairs, interest compensation, etc.

What are grant examples?

A grant is a financial contribution received by a person or group of persons from a public body, which does not have to be repaid. By its nature, a subsidy may be repayable (which can be repaid) or non-repayable …. Also, by its nature, it may be monetary or non-monetary.

What does inscrutable mean in the Bible?

The idea of inscrutable usually appears in the field of religion. In this context, it is common to express that God’s designs are inscrutable: for believers, there are divine decisions that cannot be understood and that one should not even try to understand, since they are beyond human reach.

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Subsidy definition rae

Subsidies are a mechanism that allows the State to intervene in economic activity since, depending on the aid it decides to grant, it can promote certain operations to the detriment of others.

By its nature, a subsidy may be repayable (which can be repaid) or non-repayable. Likewise, by its nature, it may be cash or non-cash. In addition, a distinction must be made between the purposes of a grant:

The European Union (EU) has four Structural Funds and a Cohesion Fund with which it channels its financial assistance to member states for the resolution of obstacles of an economic and social nature. These Structural Funds are, in particular:

In the case of the Structural Funds, their priority goal is to achieve a greater balance between the levels of development of the different regions and territories that make up the EU, and their application therefore falls within the scope of regional policy.

The Cohesion Fund, on the other hand, seeks to promote economic growth in the less developed member states of the Union, ensuring that such growth is compatible with the maintenance of their macroeconomic and budgetary balances.

What does the word in situ mean?

In their original location. For example, the abnormal cells of a carcinoma in situ are found only in the place where they were formed.

What does connatural to man mean?

adj. characteristic of the nature of someone or something. Death is connatural to human beings.

What is the difference between a subsidy and a grant?

The subsidy contributes to defraying the costs of something and the grant seeks to meet a specific need at a specific time in an extraordinary way.

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What does state-subsidized mean?

Product Subsidies (D.31) are subsidies payable per unit of a good or service produced or imported. Subsidies may consist of a specific monetary amount per unit of a good or service, or they may be calculated ad-valorem as a specific percentage of the unit price. A subsidy may also be calculated as the difference between a specific target price and the market price actually paid by the purchaser. A subsidy on a product is normally due when the product is produced, sold or imported. By convention, subsidies on products can only relate to market output (Q.11) or to output for own final use (Q.12.).