What does the band REM stand for?

R.e.m. everybody hurts

It seems improbable that all these geniuses were concentrated in the same spot, but that’s how it is. This musical group originated in Athens, a town in Georgia, United States. At the beginning there were two members of this group: vocalist Michael Stipe and guitarist Peter Buck. Months later they would meet the other two members: Mike Mills, the bassist, and Bill Berry, who would play drums.

In 1988, Green would see the light, the culmination of their previous albums. However, the album that really marked a before and after was Out of Time (1991) where we find one of those songs that has marked us so much: ‘Losing My Religion’. This album was described by the members of the group as a love album that was different from the rest. They simply tried to reformulate how the old US times would sound in their era, the 90s. They mixed the old with the new and out came this masterpiece.

Automatic for the people was released in 1992, an album that made R.E.M reach the pinnacle of success. Totally contrary to what they had created before, it is a more sordid and depressing album than the rest of the ones they had previously composed. It was one of the best albums of the 90’s and is still considered the best of this group. Here belongs the well-known song I mentioned at the beginning ‘Everybody hurts’. And who can forget that heartbreaking voice singing those words?

What does the name of the band REM mean?

The acronym REM stands for: Rapid eye movement (‘rapid eye movement’, the phase of sleep during which the most intense dreams occur). R.E.M., American rock band. Red de Emisoras del Movimiento, Spanish radio station that existed during the Franco dictatorship.

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What happened to the REM group?

The band led by Michael Stipe is ending a career spanning more than three decades. The American band R.E.M., one of the most influential bands in rock history, has announced its split after more than 30 years of career. … So reads the statement that the band led by Michael Stipe has posted on its website.

Why did REM break up?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the guitarist stated that their breakup after a thirty-year career occurred because they reached the point where they wanted to go their separate ways and didn’t want to keep making songs for twenty-somethings.

R.e.m. losing my religion

Mike Mills confirms: “We discussed various options on the 2008 tour, and I think each of us individually came to the conclusion that probably the best thing to do was to stop. And once we were clear on that, we agreed that that was the direction we needed to go.”

Peter Buck reminisced about that moment “I said ‘this is a bit sad’. And Michael said ‘Yeah, a little bit. We’ll probably never play those songs again.’ And I replied ‘You could be right’.”

In March 2011, R.E.M. released Collapse into now. Just six months later, on September 21, the band announced their breakup in an official statement posted on their official website: “As lifelong friends and accomplices, we have decided to disband as a band. We leave with an enormous sense of gratitude, steadfastness and awe for all that we have accomplished.”

Ego problems, substance abuse, infighting or lack of creativity were not responsible for the demise of R.E.M. Unlike so many rock bands. Mills has always insisted that the band ended their professional relationship on very good terms: “We feel like we’re kind of pioneers. There’s no discord, there’s no bickering, there’s no lawyer wrangling. We made this decision together, amicably, and thinking about what was best for each other. The time had come.

What does REM mean in English?

REM es la abreviatura de “movimiento ocular rápido”.

How many records did REM sell?

The band amicably broke up in 2011 and the members devoted time to solo projects after selling more than 85 million albums worldwide and becoming one of the world’s best-selling musical acts.

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What’s wrong with Michael Stipe?

As for his career, the former R.E.M. revealed that he is currently working on solo music, although it is unclear when the new album he has been preparing will be released.

What rem means

They recorded the Chronic Town EP with Mitch Easter in October 1981, and planned to release it on a new independent label called Dasht Hopes.[23] However, I.R.S. Records acquired a demo of the band’s first recording session with Easter that had been circulating for months.[24] The band turned down advances from major label RCA Records in favor of I.R.S., with whom they signed a contract in May 1982. I.R.S. released Chronic Town that August as their first U.S. release.[25] A positive review of the EP by NME praised the songs’ aura of mystery, concluding, “R.E.M. rings true, and it’s great to hear something as unforced and clever as this.”[26] The band’s success on the EP was not without reason.

Following the success of Lifes Rich Pageant, I.R.S. issued Dead Letter Office, a compilation of tracks recorded by the band during their album sessions, many of which had been released as B-sides or not released in full. Shortly thereafter, I.R.S. compiled the music video catalog (except for “Wolves, Lower”) as the band’s first video release, Succumbs.

Why is it called alternative rock?

Alternative rock has been defined since its inception by its rejection of the commercialism of established culture. The alternative groups of the 1980s performed in small clubs, recorded on independent labels and were known to their fans through word of mouth.

When did Losing my religion come out?

“Losing My Religion” – in Spanish: “Perdiendo mi religión” or “Desquiciándome” – is a song by the American alternative rock band R.E.M. It was released as the first single from their 1991 album Out of Time.

What does REM by Ariana Grande mean?

In the strict sense of the expression, R.E.M. stands for “Rapid Eyes Movement” and it is when the body enters a deep state of sleep. At this stage, the eyes begin to move rapidly and that is why it is named this way.

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What does r.e.m. ariana grande mean?

Recorded in one take for the wonderful Out of Time, Michael Stipe has stated that this is his favorite song of the band (although on other occasions he has also given this honor to Perfect Circle or Fall on Me). This melancholic piece evokes, as so many other times, a clear sequence of images like a “burnt flower” or a “wedding ring” while the singer’s voice sounds more stark than ever.Listen here to Country feedback from R.E.M.

Out of time made R.E.M. one of the most important bands in the world thanks to the success of Losing my religion. But on their next album, Automatic for the people, they decided to act like it wasn’t about them, sending out songs like Man on the moon, this magnificent tribute to comedian Andy Kaufman with references to Elvis Presley and board games (“let’s play Twister, let’s play Risk”), one of the gems of a slow, dark album about death and loss that sold 20 million copies worldwide.