What is a goat cart?

Goat ramming a car – Funny video

The Monty Hall problem or Monty Hall paradox is a mathematical probability problem based on the American television quiz show Let’s Make a Deal. The problem was posed and solved by mathematician Steve Selvin in the American Statistician magazine in 1975 and later popularized by Marilyn vos Savant in Parade Magazine in 1990. The problem was named after the host of that contest, Monty Hall.

The contestant must choose one door out of three (all closed); the prize is to take what is behind the chosen one. It is known for certain that behind one of them is a car, and behind the other two there are goats. Once the contestant has chosen a door and communicated his choice to those present, the presenter, who knows what is behind each door, will open one of the other two doors in which there is a goat. He then gives the contestant the option to switch, if he wishes, to another door (he has two choices). Should the contestant keep his original choice or choose the other door? Does it make a difference?

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These days a good friend of mine came to my place of business and was overjoyed with a used goat cart he bought. A brand new ’99 Mitsubishi Mirage. He told me that the car had a small, insignificant flaw. The truth was that the car looked very good in the box and the inside was not too bad. When I checked it further I realized that the car had no labels on one door and one mudguard. The labels are stamps that each part of the car’s body has. If it does not have them, the car depreciates for the simple reason that it is not in the law. If you are detained by the Police Stolen Vehicles Division, they will give you a hard time. If you don’t have the receipts for the parts, they make you buy new parts and paint them. There are some cars that don’t use labels. I have a 2003 Mazda Protege that does not have them.

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5. Check if the air conditioner works. I have found that there are dealers that tell you that the air conditioner is good but it is out of gas. Yes, of course. The gas or refrigerant does not wear out by itself. So if it is missing it must be a leak. Be careful with that because air system repairs are usually expensive.

Reproduction, physiological stages and health of the goat.

The participant would choose a door, e.g. door No. 1, then “Cacho” would go to another door, e.g. door No. 3, open it and look at its contents without anyone else being able to see it, then give the participant the option to switch doors, door No. 1 for door No. 3, if desired and then follow the procedure with door No. 2, “Do you wish to switch to door No. 2……..”, etc-.

Suppose again that the participant chooses door No. 1. The presenter, who knows where the car is, goes to door No. 3, opens it and SHOWS its contents to the participant: A GOAT. And now he presents the option:

The Monty Hall problem is a probability problem that is inspired by an American TV show “Let’s Make a Deal” that was famous from 1963 until the late 80’s. The name of the problem comes from the host of the show Monty Hall.

Much was written about the answer. There were many who said that it had to be changed because at the beginning, the probability of getting it right was 1 in 3; but later, as there were only two doors left, in the case of changing, the probability of getting it right was 1 in 2, that is, a 50% chance instead of 33%. Therefore, the change was recommended.

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The advantages of having a goat cart for livestock transport are numerous. Among them, we must emphasize the fuel saving that it brings with it, especially in the long term. In addition, they do not pollute or make noise, which in its continued use brings great benefits.

In this sense, the transfer of casualties is linked to any type of subsequent operation. In particular, the change of location of the animals mentioned above, since they are the most significant in the sector. With this constant increase in the volume and production of livestock, the need has arisen to use this type of carts when moving them, as well as the use of other modern livestock materials that facilitate this work.

After being exposed to the strictest quality controls, the casualty cart will provide the best solution to the transport needs of our customers. Undoubtedly, it is an essential means for anyone involved in the movement of livestock.