What is the difference between a rollator and a rolling walker?

Two-wheeled walker

The walkers, walkers or rollators for adults facilitate the movement of elderly people or people with reduced mobility. Thanks to these can take walks or perform rehabilitation with greater fluidity, autonomy and independence.

The walker without wheels also serves as a support point for the incorporation so that some models include a pad on the forearm so that the user can lean on the walker in a much more comfortable way.

They are the walkers that offer more security on flat surfaces or with a low slope. They can incorporate a seat and are also the most common for indoor use, since this is where the shortest trips are made without unevenness.

The two-wheeled walker is foldable and takes up very little space. In addition, maneuverability with these walkers is very high since the wheels are strategically placed on the outside, which offers greater safety.

There are walkers that incorporate pressure brakes that are activated when pressed lightly. This type of brakes does not require great force from the user and are the most suitable brakes for the elderly.

What is rollator?

Walking aids for the elderly, also called walkers or rollators, are one of the most requested orthopedic technical aids. Their affordable price, safety and ease of use mean that the elderly, people with disabilities or those with reduced mobility due to post-operative surgery use the walkers to move around.

When should older people use a walker?

When the older person has impaired walking ability and a medium to high level of dependency, he or she may need a walker to get around. Stability, balance and motivation to walk may be lacking.

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How much is a walker worth?

90,00 € (tax incl.) Handicapped walker with 4 wheels and bicycle type brakes for outdoor travel. Made of aluminum, is lightweight, anatomical, adjustable and foldable.

Wheelchair Walker (Rollator Walker & Transport Chair)

Four wheeled walkers can be a very important element for those people who have a mobility problem, or are recovering from an intervention. It helps them to recover their quality of life.

In the market it is possible to find different models with very precise characteristics. In this section we work with several types, so that you can acquire exactly the one that suits your needs.

Most models usually have a basket that will be very practical when transporting different belongings. They also usually have a seat, so they are very interesting to rest anywhere, when we need it.

What is the best walker for seniors on the market?

Dolomite Legacy 4-wheeled walker, one of the most recommended walkers for the elderly. With exceptional value for money and features to make life more comfortable for the user, the Dolomite Legacy four-wheeled walker is one of the best walkers for the elderly on the market.

How tall should a walker be?

To know what height the walker should be, the person has to stand with arms outstretched in a natural way. The distance from the wrist crease to the surface of the floor should be the chosen height, as it will respect the body structure of the elderly person.

Which is better, a walker or a gait trainer?

Therefore, placing the baby in a walker when he does not yet know how to walk means that his mind is not able to react to this movement. … The walker does not accelerate the walking process, but rather decreases the locomotion skills of the infant population that uses them.

Walker with brake, seat and wheelchair function.

WalkersWalkers provide independence to people with reduced mobility, safety and quality of life. If you need to buy a walker but don’t know anything about them, you are in the right page. Here you will find the definition of a walker, the types of walkers that exist, their characteristics and accessories as well as answers to all your questions about walkers.

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What is a walker?when is it necessary to use a walker?what are the different types of walkers?fixed walkers:two-wheeled walkers:3-wheeled rollators:4-wheeled walkers:how to adjust the height of a walker?criteria to take into account before buying an orthopedic walkerAccessories for walkersIs it a good idea to buy a second-hand walker?elderly walkers Social Security

Many of you are wondering whether walkers for the elderly are reimbursed by Social Security. It should be clarified that, if there have been no changes, the National Health System pays a maximum amount of 54,09 €, being mandatory that the interested party pays another 30 € more; that is, the walker model we buy must cost more than 84,09 € for them to pay us the maximum and we will pay the difference.Documentation to be submitted for reimbursement of social security when buying an orthopedic walker for adults:This documentation can be submitted at any user service office in your town or city. The amounts and prescription codes for walkers may vary from one community to another, so it is best to ask your family doctor.

What are walkers for adults?

An adult walker is a device, usually made of metal, that provides support for walking, standing or sitting.

Where to apply for a walker to Social Security?

You go to your family doctor of the National Health System of your autonomous community who, in some cases, will refer you to a specialist. It should always be a public health doctor who evaluates your case and, therefore, determines whether you need a walker for the elderly and its type.

How to apply for a walker to Social Security?

The procedure to order a wheelchair or a walker is the same and a series of steps must be followed: First, the affected person must go to the public health doctor so that, after having checked his/her condition, he/she will make the prescription for the manual wheelchair or walker.


Mobility problems originate when your age increases, the activities that you used to do routinely and effortlessly today are very difficult to carry out. Also, you can fall and injure yourself because of this lack of mobility, but there are ways to make your life easier by relying on products such as: walkers for the elderly or orthopedic walkers.

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What many do not know about walkers for the elderly is that there are different types and each of these have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the types of walkers for seniors and also the best tips for choosing the right product.

A walker for the elderly is a product that helps to move more easily, basically this utensil is indicated for those people, regardless of their age, who have a disability that does not allow them to move freely.

You could consider the walker as an assistant similar to a crutch or cane, but this is actually able to offer more support. In addition, depending on its characteristics and benefits, it can help you more profoundly with your mobility problems than a cane or crutch. Also, this instrument is much more comfortable to use than the previous ones.