What size wheelchair do I need?

What size wheelchair do I need?

Measurements of a wheelchair for children

There is a wide variety of wheelchairs on the market for all kinds of situations, either for use in specific situations such as long-distance travel, or for day to day and get greater autonomy in working life and social life.

Choosing a wheelchair or another should always go hand in hand with a specialist as a therapist, rehabilitation physician, orthopedic technician … And the main criteria to consider for your choice are:

The first thing to consider is that folding chairs are easier to transport but the use of energy is lower, ie, the energy of the momentum is reduced compared to the rigid.

The electric stairlift is not a wheelchair itself, it is a chair that allows up and down stairs for those with reduced mobility or with difficulty negotiating obstacles such as a staircase.

Evacuation wheelchairs are used to evacuate people in case of emergency, when there is a need to move them through narrow or difficult to access places or when there are curbs or steps.

How tall is a wheelchair?

Dimensions of a standard wheelchair

Although the dimensions vary greatly from one model to another, in general, the dimensions of a standard wheelchair are as follows: Overall height: between 89 and 105 cm. Total length: 120 cm, approx. Total width: between 50 and 70 cm (depending on the size of the user).

How do you measure a person in a wheelchair?

Measure from the elbow to the seat of the chair while the person holds the arms up with the elbows bent at a ninety-degree angle. When available, height-adjustable arms are recommended.

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Which is better, a steel or aluminum wheelchair?

Weight: Aluminum is lighter than steel. And this is precisely what is giving it an advantage in the wheelchair market. Models made of this material are easier to carry and make it much easier for people accompanying people with reduced mobility.

Measurements of a wheelchair in centimeters

The prevalence of disability increases with age. Women of all ages have a higher incidence of disability than men. Nearly 3.5 million people reported using a wheelchair, and another 10 million used a cane, crutches, or walker to assist them with mobility.

With such a high and increasing incidence of mobile disabilities, we must ensure that people who rely on a wheelchair to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) sit comfortably in the chair.

Determine the width of the seat by measuring the person’s hips from one end to the other, in a straight line. Then add two inches to this measurement to select the appropriate width of the wheelchair seat.

Determine the seat depth by measuring from the back of the hip to the back of the person’s knee while seated. Then subtract one inch from this measurement to choose the correct seat depth.

Which is better: large or small wheels?

As a general rule, a larger rim means a wider tire. This means that there will be a larger contact surface between the rubber and the asphalt, which translates into more grip. … So yes, one of the advantages of large tires is that cornering and grip will be more effective.

How do you measure the height of a chair?

To measure the height of a chair we must measure from the point where the chair rests on the floor to the top of the seat. It is estimated that there should be a height of between 45 and 50 centimeters.

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How is a wheelchair adjusted?

For the seat width, the distance between the side panels of the wheelchair is measured. On the body, the widest part of the pelvis is measured while sitting. The rule of thumb is: seat width+4cm (2cm each side). At most, you should be able to fit a flat hand between the hip and the side.

Wheelchair anthropometric measurements

Choosing an appropriate seat width will ensure you have the best possible comfort while using your wheelchair. Since you are likely to use it very often, this measurement becomes one of the most important to take into account.

Choose a seat that is neither too tight nor too loose, i.e., between your hips and the chair there should be no more than 1 or 2 centimeters on each side. Keep in mind that sometimes you can wear wider clothes, but do not overdo it, because the wider the seat is, the less stability you will have in the chair.

If, on the other hand, the seat is too long, it can cause chafing at the back of the knees and you will tend to instinctively shift your posture forward to avoid this pain; this can also lead to postural injuries.

The way to find this measurement is to use a box that you will place on your back as a limit and then measure the distance from this box to 3 to 5 centimeters before reaching your knees.

How do you get the volume out of a chair?

The volume corresponds to the space that the shape occupies, therefore, it is the multiplication of the height times the width times the length.

How long does a door have to be?

Door sizes

Passing doors usually measure 62.5 cm, 72.5 cm, and 82.5 cm wide. Double doors are 125 cm and 145 cm wide. Some even wider doors can measure between 105 or 115 cm. As for the height, the standard measurement is usually 2,030 cm.

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How long is the angle of a chair?

It is normal to carry the chair at an angle as close to 90 degrees as possible. However, there are people who cannot carry their legs so flexed, so the angle may vary from 90 to 70 degrees.

Electric wheelchair measurements

The first thing we want to comment is that these measurements must be taken by a specialized person, and that it is especially important if the chair we are going to acquire is an active chair, which must fit perfectly to our body.

We are going to show you how to measure a chair and how to measure the person. The measurements are as follows: seat width, seat depth, leg length, front seat height, rear seat height and backrest height.

We hope you found this article interesting and that it will help you when choosing your wheelchair. If you want to know more, see the next post. You already know that in Mimas Orthopedics we are at your disposal to help you solve your doubts, either on this topic or any other, so do not hesitate to contact us.