Will hearing aids ever be waterproof?

Will hearing aids ever be waterproof?

Sony sports headphones

Thinking about equipping ourselves for these moments without fearing that our headphones may be damaged when in contact with water or sweat, from El Comprador de La Vanguardia we tell you what you have to look for to know if a model is waterproof or submersible and we propose 10 options.

How can we know that they are waterproof or submersible? When we talk about waterproof models, in general we must differentiate between those that can get wet or are waterproof and those that can be submerged. There are two main categories that are usually accredited and that the manufacturer must indicate, IP67 and IP68.

One of the most recommended and best rated models is this Sony Walkman NWWS413, which falls into the IP68 category. Although usually the models of this type only tend to work in fresh water, this option is also valid for salt water, so it will be the choice if we want to liven up our swimming session in the sea.

In this device we can download up to 2000 songs in its removable USB support to put rhythm to our strokes, dives or any activity or water sport that we want to practice. In addition, at all times we will have control of the volume, songs, pause and play with the rear buttons that incorporates.

Wireless headphones

The headset feels a little heavy and at first it gives the feeling that it can slip and fall but in my case it did not, I usually run and jump rope with them and they do not slip so easily, obviously after a while of movement and a little sweat can become slippery like most.

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I would recommend them if you plan to use them occasionally, are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of money, for not too long distances or even if you need a cheap headset while you get together for something of higher quality.

Best hearing aids for swimming

The market offers numerous different hearing aids, potentially making it difficult to choose the most suitable device unless you trust a professional. The first thing you should know is that there are six types of hearing aids that allow you to effectively treat each hearing impairment and respond to different aesthetic needs.

The price of the hearing aid can vary significantly depending on the model chosen and the level of customization. It is worth remembering that some people suffering from severe hearing loss may benefit from aids and subsidies for the purchase of a hearing aid.

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Refurbished “A “refurbished” phone is perfect if you don’t want to pay full price to enjoy the original look and feel of a device. It has no traces of use and looks brand new.

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