Are chimney sweeps regulated?

Are chimney sweeps regulated?

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The regulation of smoke exhaust in houses in our country is oriented to the protection of the tenants of the house and the buildings and people living around. It is necessary to comply with a series of requirements in terms of location and safety distance.

In order to maintain security at all times in the home, it is advisable to have the appropriate systems in place. For this reason, in the different Autonomous Communities and in the City Councils of our country there is a regulation as for the exit of smoke in the housings. This legislation is intended for the protection of the tenants of the house and the rest of the neighbors of the nearby buildings, and for that there are the statutes of the community of neighbors.

But the installation of ventilation systems cannot be done just anywhere and it is necessary to meet the requirements in terms of safety distance and conditions established by the Royal Decree for both buildings and single-family dwellings. If you have doubts you can consult with the president of the community or property manager.

Chimney sweep easy

In any of these cases do not hesitate to call our chimney cleaning service in Fuenlabrada who will find a quick solution so that you do not fill your house with soot again.

In any of these cases do not hesitate and call our chimney cleaning service in Fuenlabrada for our smokers come to sweep the boiler and chimney so that no one in your family is intoxicated.

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When a chimney is clogged it releases that black dust that there is no way to clean and remove it and ends up dirtying everything and making the air you breathe is toxic as dangerous gases are produced inside the house. There is even the possibility of fire.

We use all types of brushes that exceed 20 meters in length. We sweep your chimney until it is completely clean. Once the work is finished we collect all the soot from the room with powerful industrial vacuum cleaners.

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Sometimes yes, but whenever we can avoid it, we do the work from the chimney itself, to avoid unnecessary risks. It is always the technician in question who decides if it is essential to go up the chimney to guarantee a good service.

No, our technicians will protect you. But what we do ask, that if you have figures or pieces of personal value and difficult to replace, whenever possible remove it before the arrival of the operators.

Yes, if we think of an insurance issue, it must be cleaned even if it does not turn on. They could ask us for the invoice or current certification and in case of not having it, to take advantage of it not to take charge of the loss, although this one had been produced by other reasons.

This could be a reason, since having less section of pull, it could cause the slower evacuation of the smoke and therefore, to enter part inside the house. However, you could have the duct just cleaned and the smoke could still enter, so call us and we will try to solve the problem.

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Boiler chimney sweep

In our technical service boilers Camarena we have a wide variety of maintenance contracts for gas boilers and oil boilers. Consult us and we will offer you the maintenance contract that best suits your needs. The boiler contract includes a free cleaning and annual review of your boiler. The contract includes free travel and free labor for the repair of your boiler. We have boiler maintenance contracts in Camarena for single-family homes, communities of neighbors, commercial premises, etc..

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