Can I be a hairdresser without qualifications?

Can I be a hairdresser without qualifications?

What to study to become a hairdresser

What do I need to start a hairdressing salon? In today’s post we will review the specific conditions linked to this type of activity, the procedures, investment and all the necessary paperwork to set up a hairdressing salon as a viable alternative when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Likewise, it is essential that the location be in an area with a large influx of people and, preferably, in a commercial area where different types of businesses thrive, not competition, in order to take advantage of the opportunity for synergies, accelerating the development of our hairdressing salon or esthetic center.

What should you take into account? That the dimensions, structure of the premises and distribution of the space allow you to operate the activity, the electrical power of the system, ventilation ducts and accessibility regulations.

There are other options such as setting up a hairdressing salon at home, an alternative that some people choose and that I only recommend in the case that we have an area independent from our home and that presents favorable conditions for its conditioning, if you intend to invest in your business as a serious business project to make it grow and prosper. Another option is to become a home hairdresser, something perfectly legitimate and that would save you a lot of paperwork and investment in an establishment. In the following section I talk about the paperwork you will need if you choose to become a home hairdresser.

What does it take to be a hairdresser in Spain?

You can do it with a course or with a basic FP of Hairdressing and esthetics or medium of Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics or superior of Styling and Hairdressing Management. Also with other specialized courses in the field of esthetics and hair treatments.

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How long does a haircutting course last?

What are hairdressing and esthetics studies like? You can choose to study for two years, and leave as an assistant, or you can study for 4 years, and in this case you are considered a specialist technician. The first two years teach you the basics: marking, drying, dyeing, basic cutting and the boy’s cut.

How long does it take to become a hairdresser?

The course can be completed in approximately 11 months.

Requirements to become a hairdressing instructor

A beauty salon, beauty parlor or hairdressing salon, whatever you call it, can be a very profitable business if you know how to organize it and prepare yourself to offer the best service. In Hispanos Emprendedores we explain how to open a hairdressing salon in Chile from the first steps.

Choosing the services to be provided in a hairdressing salon is key to get a constant source of customers. Are you going to work only with hair, will you also offer makeup or treatments for other parts of the body?

Decide what your focus will be before you start filing the paperwork to open a salon. There may be changes in this regard as you shape the business, but it’s a good idea to have a base to work from.

Any business you are going to open must start with a business plan. In this document you will set out what it is all about, the objectives, what you must do to achieve those goals, the budget, the marketing strategy, etc.

If you prefer, you can do it as a legal entity and thus protect your assets. In this case you can also do it individually or together with other people. Depending on the case, the recommended alternatives are:

What do they teach you in the hairdressing course?

In this course we will learn everything you need to set up a unisex salon with cutting, coloring and styling techniques. … Important topics: Cutting, color and hairstyle to get started in the world of styling, know the management and appropriate decoration for our business.

What documents are required to open a beauty salon?

– When applying for a permit for the establishment of a hairdressing, beauty or esthetics salon, the interested parties must present a health certificate for themselves and for each of the operators who will work in the establishment and place it in public view.

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How much does the barber course cost?

How much: $2,800 pesos.

Requirements to become a hairdresser

Nowadays, the hairdressing sector has evolved into different types of business. The classic hairdressing salons have been joined by home hairdressing businesses, a profitable option for those who do not want to face the opening of a hairdressing salon (although it is also true that, depending on staff and availability, among other reasons, there are salons that decide to also offer their services at home).

To become a professional hairdresser, it is important that you choose the right qualification for what you want to be in the future. In the hairdressing academies you can find great training offers with qualifications such as the Medium and Higher Level Training Cycles.

Being self-employed will increase your monthly expenses, but you will surely get more profitability by gaining the trust of more clients. Also, remember that you will not be paying rent, water and electricity, so your expenses will not be so high at the end of the month.

To declare yourself as a self-employed hairdresser, you must first make the census declaration. It gathers the data of the company and the activity to which it is going to dedicate itself. Since the entry into force of the Self-Employed Law of January 2018, you will have to register with the Social Security up to 60 days before starting your activity and, subsequently (even on the same day) register with the Tax Authorities.

How long does it take to become a hairstylist?

What does a professional stylist study?

Students must study a specific course in professional hairstyling, the standard duration of which is 2 courses, a total of 18 months, although there are also intensive systems of 9 months.

How much money does it take to open a beauty salon?

The amount of the investment varies, depending on the services offered; in the case of a small business, we are talking about investments of 450,000 pesos. But if you are thinking of a complete beauty center with SPA included, the amount rises up to 800,000 pesos.

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What does it take to be a barber?

Necessary Studies

And if you are wondering what you need to become a barber, the answer is quite simple: to become a barber you have to study hairdressing. In all cities you can find this training in the form of basic, intermediate and higher training cycles.

How to register a barber shop

Being a barber is a fashionable profession. Trends change, hairdressing businesses specialize, and there are more and more establishments dedicated to barbering that, despite their modernity, do not lose that traditional and retro look that makes them so special.

Barbers, as their name suggests, are not only dedicated to cutting and caring for the hair on the head, as is obvious. There are many establishments where beard care is an experience, with techniques and products that leave beards and mustaches in an enviable state, and where new, precise and updated haircuts that everyone wants to show off are offered.

Any course related to personal image, aesthetics and hairdressing has always been a great option for millions of students. And if you are wondering what you need to become a barber, the answer is quite simple: to become a barber you have to study hairdressing. In all cities you can find this training in the form of basic, intermediate and higher training cycle.  To work in the world of personal image, it is imperative that you have the degree.