Can you frame a print without a mat?

Framing large photos

Very good service. They work with any kind of format. After working with them for a long time we are very satisfied. Serious professionals, quality and great customer service.

A modern framing with Nordic inspiration and simple lines. Standard size pictures with fine art quality and a contained cost. Incorporates acrylic glass 2 mm protection and UV filter, possibility of passepartout. Two molding profiles, in aluminum or wood. Available in 6 colors: white, black, beech, oak, walnut and wenge. Includes fastening system, ready to hang.

As usual, our products are shipped in custom-made and reusable packaging. For pieces with glass we manufacture a specific safe packaging for the transport of very fragile pieces of art. For large format pieces we manufacture a safety box for the safe transport of bulky pieces. All our frames are manufactured within a maximum of 10 working days.

When to use passe-partout?

WHAT IS PASSEPARTOUT USED FOR? Passepartout is a classic material in the workshops of framers, picture makers and photographers and is used to frame artistic works such as photographs, watercolors, engravings or posters.

What paper to use for framing?

Semi-wooden cardboard: solid and sufficiently rigid, it is suitable, with 3 mm thickness, for all frames. Wooden cardboard: 2 mm is sufficient for small works (up to 40 x 50 cm). Above this size, use 3 mm. It is also a good material for making bevels.

What paper is used for the passe-partout?

The paspartu paper or paspartou is a kind of framing for photos, which is always made on cardboard, is an abbreviation of the French passepartout, the material with which it is made is cardboard or Kraft cardboard.

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Passepartout size

When I bought my printer I was very clear, I didn’t want my photographs to end up simply on a computer screen. Seeing them printed gives them a material touch that invites you to quietly explore them with your eyes, while on the screen they are nothing more than an ethereal representation that can disappear with the touch of a mouse. But the printed photo by itself is not the end of your presentation, maybe we want to assemble a portfolio with them, bind them, and the most typical solution is to frame them.

And speaking of manipulating the photo, have you used cotton gloves to do it? The paper where the photos are printed has the habit that once it is stained with grease that may be present in our hands, that stain stays there for the rest of the life, so it is recommended to use cotton gloves when we manipulate the images.

Okay, I’m almost done, we are about to place the top sheet, the one containing the window. But before that we coat the edges of the bottom cover with neutral ph adhesive tape.

How much room is left for framing?

A border or space between the frame and the photo of 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) is normal, as is not using a border. However, you can innovate dramatically by leaving a larger space (10 to 15 cm or more).

How big should the passe-partout be?

The passe-partout of the framed sheets has a standard size of 6.4 cm (2.5 inches).

How do you cut the passe-partout?

To cut the passe-partout, you will need a sharp blade capable of cutting perfectly straight lines. The easiest and least expensive option is a standard razor blade or a box cutter with a fixed handle.

Tips for framing photographs

I remember some time ago in the initial class of a photography course, and after a brief discussion among the students, the teacher defined photography as “an object that can be touched”. Indeed, the photograph is a piece of paper where we have captured an image and indeed you can touch it and work with it. I always remember those words because in the digital era the exception is usually that we print our photographs and even go so far as to frame them.

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We might think that the decision to leave the image in color or black and white is actually part of the process of obtaining and processing our image. That is, it is part of the decision as to whether an image should be in color or better in black and white. It can also be a strictly personal choice (example: “I only shoot in black and white”). True, this is always the case. But what happens when we choose a photo to be printed and framed? It is quite possible that we start to think a bit beyond the photo itself to include elements beyond the image itself: who is it for, how big do we want the photo, where is it going to be displayed, is it going to be part of a composition of other photos, and so on.

How to frame a picture without a frame?

To do this, all we have to do is to lightly hold the film or poster and apply a vinyl adhesive paper on top without bubbles or in fact without air getting in, so that we can get them stuck and also protected from dust or the effects of light.

What is the name of the paper for oil painting?

Oil Paper is a high quality, durable paper specially designed for oil painting. It provides a high performance barrier to absorb oil, binders and water evenly, thus ensuring exceptional resistance of the surface paint layer.

What is Bristol board?

Bristol Board comes in white and pastel colors, is one of the most economical types of paper within the paperboard category and is designed for full color commercial printing, with excellent stiffness, whiteness and opacity.

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Print photos for framing

The picture is an indispensable element in the decoration. The picture allows us to live surrounded by our memories, fantasies, illusions and loved ones. It is an essential element in the creation of a cozy atmosphere. At ENMAR-K2 we strive every day to provide you with all the necessary elements for you to achieve that cozy atmosphere that we all want in our home.

In our catalog of paintings you will find from reproductions of classic works to lithographs, engravings, black and white photography… All of them framed with high quality moldings and ready to be hung.