Can you get into consulting without an MBA?


“We like to see the selection process as a video game in which you go through each level with the goal of fulfilling your final mission, so at each stage the demands are increasingly higher. We don’t want our candidates to be good in just one area, but to have the necessary tools to develop in several,” explains Julián Colombo, CEO of N5 Now.

María Luz Pochettino, head of the Human Resources area, remembers the first time a candidate talked to her about the feline “in the middle of a job interview, an applicant told me that he really liked Pistacchio’s questions because they helped him to reason. I couldn’t believe it, what had started with a simple post on a social network was now becoming a topic of conversation,” he explains.

After the Human Resources team reviews the CV and considers that it should continue with the process, the applicants are given access to start a video game called Solve. In this instance, they seek to identify who has the skills required for the position.

What do you have to study to work in a consulting firm?

What career to study to become a consultant

Those who work as consultants have obtained degrees in economics, business, administration, management, communication, computer science and accounting. To specialize in the world of consulting, it is necessary to study a postgraduate degree.

How much does a strategy consultant charge?

In the field of strategic consulting, one of the best-paid junior positions in Spain is that of junior associate, with an average salary of 36,450 euros per year.

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How hard is it to get into McKinsey?

“McKinsey is known for being very demanding in their interviews, the process can take more than a month and only 1% get in,” says Pochettino.


If you fulfill that, apply, keep in mind the dates when the offers come out, because the sooner you apply and so on, the better. Then there is the luck factor, and then the fact that you have a good selection process. It is hard but it is possible.

As they say here, diversify. The sector is quite competitive and you also have to take into account that auditing and consulting in big4 are common among those who do not manage to get into strategy or investment banking. I don’t think it would be difficult for you to get into a big4 laterally from BDO, Mazars, Grant Thornton, even Auren, PKF and others that are mentioned here. You also have the option of internal audit in banks or technology, for example.

What professionals work in a consulting firm?

There are many areas involved in the consulting industry, from marketing to human resources. People who have studied careers related to Administration, Political Science or Psychology can also become business consultants.

How much is charged for consulting services?

How much does a Consultant earn in Mexico? The average consulting salary in Mexico is $96,000 per year or $49.23 per hour. Entry level positions start at an income of $61,386 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $204,000 per year.

How much does a consultant’s hourly rate cost?

How much does the consulting service cost? The average price of hiring a consultancy service is 40 €/hour. This value can vary between 20 €/ and 80 €/h, depending generally on the type of consultancy, the reputation of the consultants or the scope of the project, among other variables.

Entry Salary Compilation

“The quick answer is no, you don’t have to have an MBA to get into McKinsey. At Management Consulted (a company of which Le Roux is a founder) we have met candidates, and even trained some of them, who have been hired by McKinsey without an MBA. Some of them have simply had a very distinguished academic career, others have obtained very advanced postgraduate degrees (PhDs, etc.) or were experts in a certain field.”

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Hugo holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Alfonso X el Sabio University, and completed a specialization in Hydraulic Works. He lives in Madrid and works as Facility Manager for ISS Facility Services, as manager of Deutsche Bank’s buildings.

Hugo has a degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, and completed a specialization in Hydraulic Works. He lives in Madrid and works as Facility Manager for ISS Facility Services, managing Deutsche Bank’s buildings.

How much does a McKinsey consultant earn?

How much does McKinsey & Company pay per year? The average salary at McKinsey & Company ranges from approximately $35,979 per year for the position of Data Scientist to $98,796 per year for the position of Engagement Manager. McKinsey & Company employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 4.3/5 stars.

How much does an associate earn at McKinsey?

Frequently Asked Questions about salaries at McKinsey & Company

The average salary for Associate is 37,077 € per year in Área Madrid; 55% lower than the average salary at McKinsey & Company of 82,942 € per year for this position.

What do you do at McKinsey?

McKinsey & Company, Inc.

is a global strategy consulting firm focused on solving strategic management problems. McKinsey serves the world’s largest business enterprises, governments and institutions. It was founded in Chicago in 1926 by James O.


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