Can you sell a property without a completion certificate?

It is possible to deed a property without finalizing the construction work

The opportunities to sell real estate are presented at the least expected moments. And although it is unusual, if you put your house for sale you can receive offers even when the house is under construction or before it is completely finished.

In these cases, the sale is made under special conditions and the price can be “down”. But if you want to sell for an economic or personal reason and an interesting occasion arises, taking advantage of it can be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you decide to sell an unfinished house because you want to get rid of the property urgently, we have to tell you that the process is not simple and the time of the sale can take some months. In addition, during this type of operation problems or setbacks may arise, since buyers must assess many aspects, including the state of the work to ensure that, once completed, they will obtain the permits of habitability without problem.

As with any other sale and purchase, if you want to sell an unfinished house, you will have to gather all the information related to the project and make it available to the buyer.

What happens if a property does not have a certificate of occupancy?

Is it legal to live in a property without a certificate of occupancy? The answer is NO. It is obligatory to have the document, it is necessary both to be able to rent and to be able to sell a house, to register the supplies and even the banks can request it to grant a mortgage.

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What can happen if the construction license is not obtained?

If you own a property without a construction license and you want to legalize your home, you can go to a Curaduría Urbana and request a recognition license.

What happens if you do not have a certificate of occupancy?

A missing certificate of occupancy is a sign that there is a problem with the apartment, or that it is designated as a commercial property rather than a residence.

End of work requirements

On the other hand, the banks can be very “capricious” about the documentation to be required, but in this case we do not see the logic, if the property has a certificate and is correctly registered in the land registry.

Hello. I have just bought a house in Asturias, which did not have the building completion certificate but the occupancy license. The bank told us that without this document the purchase could not be made, due to a change in the legislation, which was confirmed by the Notary. We reached an agreement with the sellers, entering with rental with right to purchase until they finished the documentary procedures and reforms that had to be made to be in accordance with the new legislation and thus be able to obtain the license of end of work.

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How to sell an apartment without a certificate of occupancy?

Therefore, if it is possible to sell a house without a certificate of habitability, a house that does not comply with habitability can be sold or bought if the technical architect or quantity surveyor issues this certificate assuming that the house can obtain the certificate after the relevant works have been carried out.

How to sell a house without a certificate of occupancy?

In Madrid, it will be possible to sell an apartment without a certificate of occupancy, since the latter was abolished with the appearance of Decree 111/2018. However, when you want to sell a property in new construction or a completely renovated home, it will be mandatory to present the license of first occupancy.

What happens if you built without a construction license in Colombia?

Fines range from 154,000 pesos per square meter to 138 million. … This infraction generates a fine of 8 million pesos.

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Selling a house under construction

When one signs the purchase of a house, it supposes that one acquires a house with all its previous documents realized, among them the license of occupation. There are many cases in which properties have been sold without this permission, or a house has been deeded without a first occupancy license. In this post, we inform you in detail about the sale and purchase without license.

Nowadays, the license of first occupation is fundamental for the sale and the effective purchase of a house, without it, it is possible to proceed to the nullity of the sale and purchase. So, is it possible to sell a house without a license of first occupation? No, it is not. When a house is sold without it, it is usually because of an irregular situation regarding its urban planning. Whether we are talking about a license of first occupation in any Autonomous Community, as a buyer you can end up finding yourself in the situation that you cannot build or inhabit the property you have bought.

The law defends the buyer in this case, so that, the lack of first occupancy license cancels the contract of sale of a property, because it means the failure to deliver the property when the permit will not be granted within a reasonable period, you can claim through lawyers and the seller will be obliged to return the entire amount paid, as well as court costs and mortgage expenses.

Where is the certificate of occupancy required?

The certificate of occupancy is only mandatory in Asturias, Cantabria, Catalonia, La Rioja, Navarra and Murcia; although Asturias recently abolished the certificate of first occupancy, but not the certificate of first occupancy for rehabilitation and second occupancy.

Who must pay the cédula de habitabilidad?

WHO PAYS THE CÉDULA DE HABITABILIDAD IN A SALE AND PURCHASE? In most situations, it is up to the person selling the property to pay for the certificate of occupancy. But it is also possible to reach an agreement between buyer and seller so that it is the former who pays for the certificate.

When is a certificate of occupancy required?

When is the certificate of habitability required? Since this document certifies that the house meets the minimum conditions of habitability, it will be necessary to present it: When you want to sell or rent the house. And when you need to register services, such as water, electricity or gas.

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How to legalize a house already built

The energy efficiency certificate is mandatory since 2013 to sell houses. It is a document that specifies the annual energy consumption of the property and is validated with a label on which will come marked with a letter, it can be between A which means that the property is very energy efficient and G, which means that the property is very little energy efficient.

If the property you are selling has a mortgage, you need to contact your bank to arrange with them the settlement at the time of signing at the notary’s office. They will take care of issuing the Certificate of outstanding debt.

The Nota simple is a document that proves that the property is registered in the Land Registry, in which you can find in a summarized form the most important data about the property. For example, the location, the identity of the owner, the description of the property and its nature as well as if the property has any encumbrances or restrictions. Although the Nota Simple only has an informative value, it has a great value.