Do flats need fire alarms?

Do flats need fire alarms?

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Observing the concerns of many private security users on the web, through forums and comments, it is possible to realize that, most of them, consider “unnecessary” the idea of acquiring an electronic device to protect the apartments.

Of course it is. The truth is that apartments have less security than houses or other larger dwellings for the reason stated above; owners believe that they don’t really need it.

Apartments are occasionally occupied by young people or students who for various reasons need to be in the city. However, during the summer or vacation days, they go out to the interior of the country leaving their real estate alone, and this is the moment that thieves take advantage of the most to steal.

The Seville Police reported just a few days ago that in the city there were several thefts in apartments in a row, just when we are in the middle of the hot days. The moment in which people leave home, without installing alarms in apartments.

When are smoke detectors mandatory?

All industrial or commercial facilities or those providing services to the general public must have a security system that includes smoke detectors, in addition to the mandatory use of: Fire alarms, which have systems to prevent the spread of fire and emit an audible alert.

Where is the fire alarm placed?

It is recommended that in each room or space where a detector is placed, it should be located in the center of the ceiling, because the air in the corners tends to have less movement.

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How does the fire alarm system work?

Alarms, considered as means of fire detection, operate with automatic sensors that respond to physical or chemical stimuli, among them: Heat, smoke, flames or certain products of combustion. In addition, they may be contained “in stand-alone devices or in systems”.

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One of the most important equipment for work environments are fire alarms, due to their preventive function in case of an emergency, for this reason they are considered as passive detection systems, that is, they do not fight the fire, but alert early the occupants of a building so that they can get to safety.

Alarms, considered as means of fire detection, work with automatic sensors that respond to physical or chemical stimuli, including: Heat, smoke, flames or certain products of combustion. In addition, they can be contained “in stand-alone devices or in systems.”

“In case of smoke, personnel should move low to the ground, as close to the ground as possible. It is recommended that personnel be provided with a wet towel, or similar garment, to cover their mouth and nose. This will help to cool and filter the gases,” states the CNPC.

NOM-002-STPS-2010 explains that an employer’s obligation in workplaces is to install fire alarms, mainly in areas classified as ordinary fire risk and high risk, where firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers must also be installed.

What features should a fire alarm have?

The fire alarm should emit acoustic signals. These can be a siren or horn or a voice message. In general, consideration should be given to the level of noise or the tasks being performed, which may involve the use of hearing protection, preventing it from being heard clearly or in time.

How many square meters does a smoke detector cover?

Their distance can reach up to 100 meters with a width of 14 meters, which gives protection for a maximum of 1,400 m2. They are also called optical linear smoke detector.

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When should alarm buttons be installed?

Alarm buttons should be located in such a way that any person detecting a fire is able to quickly and easily alert all required persons.

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In many cases the fire alarm is part of a system together with the detectors and extinguishers, fully automated. In addition, they are complemented by other devices such as security cameras, interior telephones and audio installations.

The various general building and labor regulations must be taken into account. In fact, alarm systems are mandatory in all installations with moderate and high fire risk.

In the case of manual pushbuttons, they must be distributed in such a way that no person has to travel more than 25 meters to reach the pushbutton, and at a height of 1.2 to 1.6 meters from the floor. They should be located along the evacuation routes, next to the access doors to emergency stairways and outdoor exits.

How is a fire protection system installed?

Fire Detection Installation

Once the installation has been laid out, the pipes for electrical cables are placed. Next, the detectors and pushbuttons are installed and connected to the pipe cables. Finally, the detection center is located and the tubes and the hood are connected to it.

How does the smoke detector work?

They operate on the principle of air ionization in the event of smoke entering the detection chamber; the detected elements may be invisible to the naked eye. They are generally installed in the chemical industry, as they are more sensitive to fast-growing fires or non-visible smoke.

What area does a smoke detector cover?

Bolded information is standard detector coverage information. The photoelectric detector covers 60 m² and the temperature detector covers 20 m². The height from the ground is also important in the installation of the detectors.

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Technical rule for cepreven’s automatic fire detection installations

Fire alarms can prevent a fire before it can spread. There are different types of alarms with their corresponding smoke, gas or temperature rise detectors. We tell you everything you need to know about fire alarms.

You can hire a fire alarm within a security pack of an alarm company or as an independent element. This distinction will mark to a great extent the security and effectiveness of the device.

This activation causes an action in the alarm device that can be from the emission of sound to alert the people in the building or the neighbors of the danger, to a call to an emergency service.

Domestic and work fires can originate at any time and, although there are certain mandatory safety measures in case of fire, such as the installation of fire extinguishers or emergency exits, being able to prevent them is essential.

The best system for fire prevention is a security alarm. Throughout this article we will explain the different alarms that exist to detect a fire and which one is the most advisable for each type of property.