Do I need my old MOT certificate to get a new one?

Loss of vehicle documentation

The requirements for registering a car vary depending on the status of your vehicle. A first registration is easier to process than a registration for a car coming from abroad. Also, depending on each case, the taxes to be paid and documents required will be different. We explain each of these situations step by step.

Although the DGT usually requests a flat fee for each registration application, regardless of whether it is a new registration, a change of acronym or a rehabilitation, the procedures for registering a car are specific to each case, and factors such as the country of origin of the car or the Autonomous Community in which you live can affect the paperwork and taxes required.

1. Ask for the car’s triptych at the dealership. In it you will be able to consult which are the specific data of your car in terms of emissions and fiscal power, and thus check in which bracket is your vehicle within the blocks of tax payments.

How can I request a duplicate ITV certificate?

At any ITV station. If your vehicle is after May 2016 or has the so-called electronic ITV card or eITV Ayuda, we can provide you with a duplicate at any Jefatura or Oficina de Tráfico. In this case, you need to make an appointment online or by calling 060.

What happens if you lose the ITV paper?

What happens if I lose all the documentation of the car, motorcycle or any other vehicle? … You have to go to the DGT to request the vehicle’s record or simple note. Remember that you have to make an appointment. With that paper go to an ITV station to request a duplicate of the ITV card.

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How to order a duplicate vehicle data sheet?

The duplicate of the technical data sheet must be requested at an ITV station, except if it is an electronic technical data sheet, in which case we must go to the Traffic Department. Once requested, the Ministry of Industry will check the data and will issue a verdict on the request.

Request a copy of the vehicle registration certificate

Vehicles with more than one owner (co-owners), in a situation of temporary or definitive deregistration, vehicles with historical license plates, with seals or refusals, and vehicles in the process of importation or whose owner is a minor or a person under guardianship. More information in the section “What is an exceptional case and how to carry out the procedure”.

The Ayuda Driving License and Ayuda ITV card are necessary documentation for any vehicle to be able to circulate on the roads of our country.  If you have suffered a loss, theft or deterioration of any of these documents, it is important that you request a duplicate, which will contain the same information as the original document.

The ITV card or technical card is the document that certifies that the vehicle is approved to circulate on the roads of our country. These cards are issued by the ITV stations. If you need a duplicate, you must request it at any ITV station.

How much does it cost to make a duplicate of the technical data sheet?

Duplicate Electronic Technical Data Sheet by phone

Call 060. The operator will need to verify your identity and will ask you a few contrasting questions. You will have to pay beforehand the 4.1 fee of 8.67 (in 2022) euros telematically or at the time of the call.

How long does it take to duplicate ITV?

In either case, the first thing you should do is to contact the inspection center where you are going to request a duplicate ITV card. Why? They will check your license plate and vehicle data before proceeding with this procedure, and it may take a couple of days.

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What do you do when you lose your car documents?

Go to any of the offices of the Civil Registry with the required documents (complaint, registration card, registration and vehicle registration certificate). Request a duplicate license plate for your vehicle. Carry out and pay for the procedure.

Vehicle data sheet pdf

For all additional information, you can directly access the COC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here you will find additional information on all the questions you may have. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can fill in the contact form below, by selecting “Reports/Certificates/Reduced form” under “Nature of the request”.

A VP derivative is a vehicle derived from a private vehicle (VP). This means that it is a regular vehicle, such as a C3, that has been modified. Often, the rear seats have been removed, leaving only the two front seats. On the registration certificate of a VP derivative, you can find “DERIV VP” in front of the index J.3.

How much does a duplicate ITV cost?

Next, you must purchase and download the 4.1 fee (8.30 euros) and fill in the application form including your data, the nearest local office and the vehicle registration number. Then you must fill in the application form and attach the proof of payment of the fee. Finally, you must register the application.

How can I get the ITV sticker?

Regardless of the type of vehicle, you may need to request a duplicate ITV sticker. If so, remember to make an appointment at the station where you passed the inspection. Explain your case and come on the indicated day, at least, with the technical data sheet and the favorable inspection report.

Where can I get a vehicle data sheet?

The ITV card or technical card is the document that certifies that the vehicle is approved to circulate on the roads of our country. These cards are issued by the ITV stations. If you need a duplicate, you must request it at any ITV station.

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Electronic Itv

Where can I request a duplicate ITV card? If you wish to request a duplicate ITV card due to damage, loss or theft, you must request it at any ITV station. Before that, however, you must go to a DGT office to request the vehicle’s history. If your vehicle is after 2016 or has an electronic ITV card, you do not need to go to a station, since you can do it online or through the 060 telephone number. In order to prove your identity, you will be asked some contrasting questions.

Can another person carry out the procedure on my behalf? Yes, although you must first authorize the representation through the DGT’s Registry of proxies. Your representative, when identifying himself/herself in the registry to submit the application, must indicate this circumstance by checking the option ‘Representative’ in the drop-down menu ‘Who is submitting the application’, and filling in the form with both his/her and your data.