Do you get a certificate for Bpss?

Bps covid certifications

Whenever we are going to perform an electronic signature or digital identification process based on certificates, it will be necessary that those certificates are available in the computer for the application that is going to perform the signature. The certificates are stored in the “Certificate Store”.

Visit the Electronic ID section for more information. To be able to use the electronic DNI from a computer it is necessary to have a card reader compatible with the DNIe. The reader must comply, at least: In addition, to be able to interact properly with the cryptographic cards (DNIe) in particular, the computer must have installed some software ‘pieces’ called cryptographic modules.

Certificate export is the process of obtaining a copy of the certificate installed on the computer or browser for later use on another computer or process. Sometimes it is necessary to extract a certificate from the store for the following purposes: In the export process we will be prompted or may check a box indicating that we want to export the private key. The export must be done from the vault where the certificate is installed. In the following points you can see the different ways to access the stores available in the computer.

How to download BPS common certificate?

It is accessed from through the service Request and download common or special certificates. Once the user enters the application, the list of enabled companies is displayed, and the user must select the company he/she wishes to work with in the “View certificates” action.

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How do I know if I am BPS certified?

Check Common Certificate Validity

Allows, by entering only the RUT number, to verify if a BPS taxpayer has a valid Common Certificate.

What is the BPS certificate?

The special certificate is the document issued by BPS to taxpayers, individuals or legal entities, which certifies that they have no debts of any kind with the agency as of the date of the act that motivates the request.


The “residence” must be “habitual”. Departures from the country cannot exceed 6 months in a row. If they exceed the mentioned period, the required residence time will start from zero once the applicant has re-entered Uruguay.

Banco de Previsión Social: Central Offices: Colonia 1921 between Fernández Crespo and Eduardo Acevedo or at the Tax Advice and Collection Offices “ATYR”: Sarandí 570 corner Ituzaingó, Plaza Matriz, Ciudad Vieja.

They must present a Certificate from the religious congregation to which they belong, stating that they have been working there regularly and uninterruptedly, the date since they have been working there and that the congregation is in charge of their maintenance.

The Medical History must be presented, showing the number of times that he/she attended for his/her attention according to the period of time that it is necessary to demonstrate, not being able to be between one date and the other a period longer than six months.

The persons who attend to testify as “witnesses” cannot be of the applicant: relatives, employees or employers; neither can they be military, active police officers or electoral officials.

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How is the BPS certificate renewed?

Step 1 Log in through the BPS website ( Page 2 Communiqué 30/2016 Banco de Previsión Social Asesoría Tributaria y Recaudación Step 2 Select within All Online Services the service “Solicitud y Descarga de Certificados Comunes”.

How much does BPS pay for Covid?

Due to the national health emergency and as a measure to support the most vulnerable sectors of the population, a special allowance of Ps. 2,565 will be granted to some 160,000 retirees and pensioners with lower incomes.

What do I have to collect in BPS?

Documentation to be submitted for collection: Valid identity card. Proxies, guardians and curators: last receipt or photocopy of the holder’s identity card.

Validity of bps certificate

Who must apply for it: IRAE and/or IMEBA taxpayers who are also taxpayers of Real Estate Contribution and/or Vehicle Patent with respect to assets involved in any of the legal acts or businesses that require its control.Taxpayers:Regulations: Art. 487 Law 17930, Dec. 502/07 of 20-12-07 and Dec. 329/08 of 7-7-08.

For legal entities: scan and attach notarial certificate with control of incorporation and validity, compliance with Law 17.904, representation and/or powers of attorney valid for up to 90 days. Notarial documentation must be valid for 90 days.

How to know if the medical certificate is legal?

The procedure for validation of the Medical Certificate shall be carried out at the Health Facility to which the insured is assigned or at the Temporary Disability Validation Center – CEVIT of the Assistance Network, if applicable.

What is the taxpayer certificate?

Procedure enabled by the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) that allows individuals or legal entities to obtain the certificate of history of the Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC), through the presentation of the corresponding requirements in the different channels of attention enabled to citizens at the national and international levels, as well as …

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What is the medical certificate that certifies that you do not have infectious diseases?

Police certificate (Politi Attest). Doctor’s certificate stating that you do not have any infectious diseases.

Special single certificate bps

(*)When the start of activities falls on the month following the current month, the registration may be made prior to the start of activities (up to 10 days), as from the 25th day of the current month.

The notarial certification will not be necessary if a complete original invoice, not older than 60 days, or a contract (if the first invoice has not yet been issued) exclusively from UTE, OSE or ANTEL, in the name of one of the holders and with the fiscal domicile declared. A photocopy of the invoice or contract must be attached. (**)