How can I prepare for NEBOSH?

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The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) provides a broad understanding of health and safety issues and is an essential certification for anyone working or wanting to work in safety and health anywhere in the world.

The NEBOSH Certificate is highly recognized by employers around the world and is essential for those who want a successful international career in Occupational Safety and Health. The NEBOSH IGC course will give you access to many jobs where Safety and Health is key in almost any industry, such as Safety and Health Specialist or Engineer, Advisor, Manager, etc.,


A new “open book” exam has been introduced to replace the current proctored exam for anyone studying NEBOSH NG1, IG1, NGC1 or IGC1 units. This new format allows candidates to complete their qualification without the need to come to a specific location to take the exam, while maintaining the high standards and robust assessment strategy for which NEBOSH is renowned. This guide contains information and advice on how best to prepare for the exam.

An “open book” exam means exactly what the name suggests: you are allowed access to your study text and other materials during the exam. However, it will take more than simply copying the text to answer the exam questions; you will need to demonstrate that you understand the subject matter and can apply the topics appropriately – and this takes preparation. We will share hints and tips on how to do this later in this guide.

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The NEBOSH General Certificate open book exam differs from the traditional question-answer type of format and will consist of a realistic workplace situation that may describe the unfolding of a situation such as an accident or safety intervention, and you may be asked to take on a particular role, for example, that of safety manager (responsible for ORP). After being introduced to the situation you will be asked to perform some tasks, and each task will consist of answering one or more questions, where your answers will be relevant to the particular situation.

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Workplace ViolenceControl Measures for ViolenceThe first step in managing the risk of work-related violence is to ascertain the exact nature of the problem. Anecdotal evidence may suggest that a problem exists, but its scale and nature may not be clear.

Staff surveys.It will then be possible to identify and implement the correct preventative measures, which will differ depending on the nature of the workplace and the job itself. Generally, two different strategies can be adopted:- – Frost or ice (e.g., ice or frost)

Frost or ice (e.g. outdoor pavements in the winter or the floor in a refrigerator).a person’s footwear can make a big difference to how vulnerable they are to slipping on the floor.typical tripping hazards:-

Safe Movement of People in the WorkplaceDesignated WalkwaysThe use of designated walkways is a critical control measure in many workplace situations.

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Enroll online, complete the training at your own pace, and receive your certificates and cards online or by mail. All of our online OSHA training courses are accepted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) through our partnership with 360training.

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OSHA trainers must be authorized by OSHA and you can verify authorized trainers by contacting the local OSHA Outreach Training Institute (OTI) organization. The appropriate OTI organization must be on the above cards. Online OSHA Outreach Trainers must also be on the OSHA authorized current list.

The OSHA Outreach Program Training The program for the construction industry provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, mitigation, and prevention of safety and health hazards in construction industry workplaces.

OSHA 30 is a voluntary outreach and training program provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Department of Labor. OSHA 30 does not meet the training requirements for OSHA standard.