How do I become a mental health support worker UK?

How do I become a mental health support worker UK?

Mental health at work covid-19

With three-fifths of employees experiencing work-related mental health problems, businesses have recognized that the well-being of their staff is, at least in part, their responsibility. But while there has been some improvement in the amount of support offered to employees, more needs to be done.

We could start by showing you figures and studies, but the reality is that if your employees are feeling too much stress from work, they won’t be able or willing to perform their duties. Their potential will be limited and the company’s development will be truncated.

Therefore, if you have felt or evidenced any of the conditions mentioned above, relax! In this post we will discuss with Andrea Pineda, psychologist and specialist in occupational health and safety of ARL Positiva in Colombia, 6 keys to take care of the mental health of your employees:

In the new normality of teleworking, 100% of the working day is usually available for meetings and work-related activities, which leads to the loss of contact with your circle of friends, family and you even run the risk of becoming a workaholic (workaholic).

How can you promote mental health?

Good physical health supports good mental health. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and proper rest patterns protect children against the stress of difficult situations. Exercise also helps reduce negative emotions, such as anxiety, anger or depression.

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How does work influence mental health?

The analysis made by the WHO points out that a work environment considered “bad” or “negative” can directly affect people’s mental health, generating problems such as high levels of stress, anxiety disorders, depression and, in some cases, chemical dependency.

How does working at home affect human beings?

The psychological effects of working at home during a quarantine go beyond an increased ease of distraction and the need to change habits to meet work goals. Among the consequences of working in an isolated environment are: a feeling of loneliness, stress and anxiety.

Mental Health at Work Program pdf

The open consultation following its dissemination focuses on how the proposals collected will be implemented, remaining open until March 2, 2018, through the following website:

The mental health support teams will be staffed by trained personnel who will provide individual and/or group support to young people with mild to moderate mental health problems, such as anxiety, low mood and behavioral problems.

In this way, the Government intends to promote joint work among various professionals who offer mental health support, such as educational psychologists, school counselors, social workers, organizations, etc.

The Executive plans to reduce the waiting time for accessing treatment. With the new mental health support teams, it will be possible to detect possible problems early and determine the need for help and/or referral to specialized services in less than 4 weeks.

How does it affect working from home?

Chronic, post-traumatic and economic stress; occupational burnout syndrome, anxiety disorders and increased depression will be the main effects on the population that works through home office, at least for two years derived from the health emergency, reveals a study conducted by the University of …

What is community mental health promotion?

Mental health promotion is situated within the broader field of health promotion, and is placed alongside the prevention of mental disorders and the treatment and rehabilitation of people with mental illnesses and disabilities.

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What is community mental health?

Community mental health approaches mental health problems in a comprehensive manner, placing at the center of its attention the emotional and social conditions in which individuals, families and communities find themselves.

Workplace mental health program

For example, a study of UK workers found that more than half felt uncomfortable disclosing a mental health-related diagnosis to their boss. British employees are not alone – the workforce elsewhere keeps such information to themselves as well for fear of being judged.

Conversely, a mental illness affects how a person thinks, feels, behaves, etc. For example, someone can be sick with, say, a cold without having a serious illness. This is how bosses should view mental health versus mental illness: one is more serious than the other.

However, despite the seriousness that can come with a diagnosis of mental illness, many people can lead balanced, healthy lives with the right treatment. Therapy, medication and other methods can alleviate lingering symptoms so that patients can continue to work without problems. Openness about this should not change perceptions about anyone suffering, especially since they can contribute to the business just as effectively as someone with a clean bill of mental health.

Why is it important to promote mental health?

It affects the way we think, feel and act when facing life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make decisions. Mental health is important at all stages of life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood and old age.

How important is mental health to the family?

So, in conclusion, keeping ourselves physically and psychologically healthy, taking care of our children, providing protection, care and affection, promoting and worrying about maintaining healthy behaviors, is the best way to improve as a society; being the family the means to achieve this valuable objective; at the same time, to the …

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Why is mental health in the family important?

The family plays a very important role in the development of diseases. Even if there is a genetic predisposition to inherit a disorder, it will be psychosocial factors – especially within the family – that will determine whether or not mental illness develops.

How to improve mental health at work

– Promoting resilience. Adversities are part of life and being resilient is important to overcome challenges and have good mental health. Feeling like you are part of the school, helping others, and successfully coping with difficult situations can help foster resilience.

– Encourage helping others. Prosocial behaviors build self-esteem, foster connectedness and reinforce personal responsibility. Helping others makes them feel part of the environment.

– Ensure access to mental health services at school. Provide mental health services for students ranging from wellness promotion, to early assessment and intervention, crisis intervention, counseling or referral to other services.

– Establish a crisis response team. Being prepared to respond to a crisis is important to safeguard the mental and physical state of students. In addition to safety, mental health prevention, intervention and post-intervention services should be provided.