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Until Mercedes has its long-awaited MMA platform, developed from the beginning for 100% electric vehicles, the current range is being adapted to this type of propulsion from “traditional” platforms. Just as the EQC uses the GLC platform conveniently modified to become an electric, and the EQV does with the V-Class, this unprecedented Mercedes EQA comes to our test section boasting the base of the new electrified GLA. Despite using that base, the electric is five centimeters longer than the combustion, due to the new front to adopt the identity of the Mercedes EQ range, with the large black and closed “mask” that goes from headlight to headlight, in addition to the daylight that unites the two front optical groups. At the rear the modification is in the pilots, now joined by a red led line.The EQA has its own identityIn the interior the variations are minimal with respect to a GLA and focus on aesthetic details, such as a backlit decorative panel in front of the passenger and the rose gold trim instead of the typical chrome or aluminum on the ventilation diffusers and other points of the passenger compartment, in addition to one of the models of 20-inch wheels.

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At the time we told you about the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the first electric car of the German firm. Now the brand reveals a new member of its zero-emission offensive: the EQA. Revealed online, it is the smallest member of the EQ range and is built on the GLA platform, so it is a compact vehicle that delivers all the features found in its brother but with an electrified powertrain. In addition, it is the entry model to the world of electrification of Mercedes-Benz.

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The Mercedes-Benz electric compact will be launched with the EQA 250 variant, but over time the brand will provide more versions to offer all-wheel drive and a range of over 500 kilometers. For now, at its launch the EQA features:

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The range offered by an electric car is something of utmost importance, the EQA 250 offers almost 301 miles, then an extended range version will be included, all wheel drive, almost 270 horsepower and more than 310 miles of pure electric range.

This new system is interesting, Mercedes calls it Electric Intelligence, which takes into account your route and you can export it from your cell phone through an application; with this, the car will know your route considering the fastest way to the destination, charging points, ups and downs of the road to make the necessary adjustments in your EQA. Topography, weather, traffic conditions and driving habits are also taken into consideration.

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Months of anticipation, information shared in drips and drabs and drabs and images always in camouflage culminated yesterday in the official unveiling of the new Mercedes-Benz EQC, the first production model in the Mercedes-Benz EQ range.

This vehicle is equipped with two electric motors, one on each axle, to deliver approximately 300 kW of power (approx. 405 hp) with a maximum torque, generated from standstill, of 765 Nm. This enables the car, which weighs more than two tons, to reach a top speed of 180 km/h (180 mph) and accelerate from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just five seconds.

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The vehicle can be charged at a domestic socket or at a Wallbox fast-charging station, which reduces charging time by a third and, if the station can manage the maximum recharging power of 110 kW, can recover 80% of the battery in 40 minutes.