How do I get a job in brewing?

How do I get a job in brewing?

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It’s no secret that women and beer have a long history. We know that Egyptian priestesses were in charge of producing beverages made from fermented grains and that the first recorded recipe for beer was in a Mesopotamian hymn dedicated to the goddess Ninkasi. Much has already been said about how those, wrongly called witches, in reality brewers, made available to the workers intoxicating concoctions that transformed them almost into beasts, but we forget to mention that these same potions represented one of the few sources of drinking water known at that time. But little is said about modern witches, women who have decided to break with clichés and have dedicated themselves to putting pints of refreshing and aromatic beer in our months.

Shortly before I finished my studies, a friend and I started our own craft brewery. We would get together every weekend to brew, experimenting, recalculating and perfecting our recipes. When we started there were very few Mexican craft beers and those who were dedicated to making it did not have a scientific background like ours so we felt we had a great advantage. Unfortunately we did not have enough resources to continue with the project.

How much does a beer taster charge?

The search is on for the best beer taster who will receive a salary of 4,500 euros per month.

How do you tell a beer expert?

The job of a beer sommelier is varied due to the recent creation and breadth of the beer industry.

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How many people work in a beer company?

Companies that brew beer are on average larger than the manufacturing industry. “A brewing industrial plant has an average of 250 people employed, while in manufacturing industries the average is 10,” according to the study.

Beer industry

And even better news is that there are jobs, in seemingly unrelated careers or specialties, that will allow you to get involved with beer, directly or indirectly. Here are some jobs for beer lovers:

A cicerone is a person who knows proper beer service, storage, styles, history and food pairing. It could be said to be the equivalent of a sommelier in the wine world. There are four levels of certification, all of which require hard study and practice.

After the course, you will realize that so much time invested will have been worth it, because your job will be touring restaurants, bars, competitions and even other countries teaching about your knowledge of beer. Luxury restaurants, gastropubs and brewpubs will fight to include you on their payroll.

Sharing your passion, in general, is a great option for self-employment. If you are a beer lover, you probably like to share experiences, discoveries, tips, recipes related to this field. And then, why not do it to create a community?

Where can I study to become a brewmaster?

UC Davis. At the University of California, Davis you can study to become a brewmaster, many of its graduates work in the industry in both mass-production breweries and start-up, low-production breweries.

How much does a brewmaster earn?

How much does a brewer earn in Mexico? The average brewer salary in Mexico is $108,000 per year or $55.38 per hour. Entry level positions start at an income of $78,000 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $228,000 per year.

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How much does a Sommelier charge for a tasting?

On average, however, sommeliers are earning between 1,500 and 4,000 pesos per month.

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Ayala Mira, M., Guerrero Mondaca, J. E., & Franco Martín, H. (2020). The strong man: work and masculinities in the brewing industry in the northern border of Mexico. Frontera Norte, 32.

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How much does a sommelier charge?

Sommelier – Average Salary

The average salary of a Sommelier is 1.780 € net per month (around 32.900 € gross per year), higher by 8.800 € (+37%) compared to the average annual salary in Spain.

How much does a Sommelier charge per Tasting?

– Wine tasting for groups of more than 3 people in which the sommelier does not provide the wine: between 10 and 15 €/person, with a minimum of 30 € per hour. – Tasting of three wines, each valued at less than 6 euros, for groups of 3 to 8 people: 20 €/person.

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What is beer tasting?

In simple words, tasting means to taste a food or beverage to examine its aromas and flavors, also its quality, therefore, in practice we all perform a beer tasting every time we taste a sample and identify its individual characteristics.

Jobs in a brewing company

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According to a 2017 study by Cerveceros de México, delimited in the North American Industrial Classification System (SCIAN), it is within the first 20 most important activities in production, where oil refining, the automotive industry and soft drink production lead the list, but beer production settles in 14th place.