How do I get ILM accreditation?

How do I get ILM accreditation?


BAS. Lean Basics.A3R. Problem Solving Methodology.STD. Standardization. Define work center.VSM. Value Stream Mapping. The end-to-end map.GPL. Project management under Lean methodology

The program develops new skills, based on knowledge, experience and real practice.  It is probably a reference in terms of knowledge and application structure of lean management.

From an institutional point of view, it supports with a double accreditation, the knowledge and its approach, adequate to be able to successfully undertake a lean project, a priority professional need.

Each of the modules is structured in three main areas: KNOW-TRY-EXPERIENCE. The modules are prepared with adaptable subjects for 4 sectors (manufacturing and supply chain, health, services and office).

The name of the program “LEAN PRACTITIONER”, leaves no ambiguity in the objective: to be able to be trained, with the best possible preparation, in a program aimed at being able to successfully carry out lean applications. This provides the security that is sought after today, both at the individual level by seeking the best training, and at the company level by certifying this skill. …

San Sebastian Cinema

1º: Indicate the desired location for ROLLING, as well as the desired location for PARKING the technical team’s vehicles. Regarding parking, we will always do our best to get permission for the desired space, however, on some occasions we may be forced to give you other alternatives.

It will be essential to indicate; the street(s) involved, the time of the cut, total or intermittent cut (indicate times). The Traffic Department kindly asks you to try to schedule any road closures on Sundays and/or off-peak traffic hours, in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible to citizens.

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Any changes, cancellations or suspensions should be communicated immediately by telephone and e-mail to the Malaga Film Office. In the case of cancellations or cancellations outside of our office hours, the Local Police should also be notified by calling 092.

Please always check the weather forecast BEFORE applying for permits, and in case of the possibility of bad weather, we suggest ALWAYS requesting an alternative date in the Filming Permit Application, in order to comply with the minimum 7 working days.

San sebastian spain festival

Since 2021, registration to the Cannes Film Festival is subject to an environmental contribution of €20 (VAT not included) per participant, intended to offset the carbon emissions generated by the attendees’ travel to Cannes and their accommodation. The amount collected is entirely allocated to carbon offsetting projects. This compensation is part of the environmental policy of the Festival de Cannes.

Festival accreditation is mandatory for access to the Palais des Festivals and the Marché du Film venues. This accreditation allows you to attend screenings under certain conditions that you will find detailed in your online account, in your personal space, once your application has been approved.

From your personal space, you will be able to submit your accreditation request, attach the professional supporting documents corresponding to your field of activity and follow the progress of the processing of your application.

Go to our online accreditation portal, where you can submit your request for accreditation as a film buff, download the supporting documents listed below and follow the progress of the processing of your file:

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The Regional Accreditation System for University Degrees is the result of an agreement between the Ministries of Education of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile, approved by Mercosur, to establish a mechanism for the recognition of diplomas that aims at mobility in the region, raising the quality of education and improving the comparison of training processes in terms of academic quality.

“Research from and between dances and pedagogies” was the title of the cycle of online discussions, which sought to publicize the postgraduate, master’s and doctoral research of graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Dance. The cycle, which considered seven dates and was developed during the first semester of 2021, is available on the Audiovisual Platform of the Department of Dance.