How do I get my Romanian birth certificate?

Romanian citizenship manager

By going in person to the Civil Registry where the death is registered, proving his identity by showing the ID card or other document proving the identity of the person requesting the certificate.

The Law conceives the Civil Registry as an electronic registry in which computerized entries are made, which attests to the facts and acts of civil status and organizes the instrumental publicity thereof.

As a basic criterion for assessing the existence of such legitimate interest, it is established that the purpose of the request must be linked to the very nature of the Civil Registry and not to other purposes.

The types of interested parties are detailed below by group, and it should be noted that in all cases the applicants must prove their identity or authenticate themselves when making the request:

In view of the above, the new Law introduces the need to assess the legitimate interest of the applicant for the death certificate and therefore the new system models the different casuistry of the applicants, who must also be identified by electronic means.

Where is a Romanian document apostilled?

All you have to do is go to the Civil Registry or Court that issued the document and request the apostille. Normally, you will be redirected to the Prefecture or Court corresponding to your province.

Where to order a single status certificate from Romania?

It is requested before the Civil Registry of the place of the previous marriage.

Which authority apostilles a document?

Federal documents must be apostilled by the Secretaría de Gobernación. Documents issued by authorities of the Federal District must be apostilled by the General Directorate of Legal and Legislative Studies of the Federal District Government. Documents from other countries in Mexico.

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Birth certificates romania

*** We are pleased to inform that the Government of Mexico opened a program to provide Mexicans the possibility of printing a birth certificate online, so that Mexicans anywhere in the world can obtain their birth certificate online in white bond paper through the Internet, by accessing the portal

They will have to enter the basic data in the portal and pay for the birth certificate by credit or debit card. The portal will authorize the printing of the certified copy, which the interested party will print on bond paper.

Note: In case the mother’s identification contains the married name, the birth certificate and official identity document in which the name appears with the maiden name must be submitted.

If you wish to obtain certified copies of the birth certificate, you may request them on the same day that the birth registration takes place, upon payment of the consular fee of US$15 in cash, which is a fixed amount payable at the Embassy. Personal checks, credit or debit cards are not accepted.

Who issues apostilles?

The apostille is issued by the competent authorities of the country that issued the public document. The embassy cannot issue apostilles. The embassy generally no longer “legalizes” documents.

How to obtain a birth certificate online for free?

The certified copy of birth is acquired at the Civil Registry of Bolivia and the nearest Serecí office to the place where the birth took place. If you search on the Internet, on the Serecí website you will find the office directory, map, telephone number and opening hours.

How to download a birth certificate online?

The person interested in obtaining his or her document must first log on to On the right side you will see the option “Electronic Identity” and you must click to first create that identity and then process the document you want.

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Requesting a birth certificate from abroad

Therefore, the body responsible for processing the different requests for this documentation is the Civil Registry where the registration took place or, in the case of births abroad, the Central Civil Registry in Madrid.

There are currently three main processing methods: in person, by mail or online form. The traditional application is a slower process, requiring time and travel to the corresponding civil registry office.

On the other hand, new technologies have allowed that in addition to this type of applications can be carried out online, without having to go in person to the corresponding offices. Depending on the type of certificate you want to request and the purpose of its use, you will have to provide a series of data.

Mainly you can find two types of certificates: positive or negative. Both certificates are differentiated by the verification of the registration of the fact of birth in the Civil Registry consulted or, failing that, the non-registration in the case of negative certificates.

How to marry a foreigner in Spain?

Two foreigners may marry each other as long as at least one of the contracting parties is registered in the national territory. Foreigners may marry in Spain through their Consulate. This will not be possible if one of the contracting parties is Spanish.

Which authority apostilles in Mexico?

Documents issued in any State of the Mexican Republic must be apostilled at the General Secretariat of Government of each State. Federal documents must be apostilled by the Ministry of the Interior.

Who regulates apostilles in Mexico?

– It is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior, through the Government Unit, to operate the procedure for the legalization of signatures of public servants, as well as the apostille of documents, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Birth certificate for Spaniards born abroad

The birth certificate is the official document that certifies the birth of a person: date and time of birth, place of birth, as well as name, sex and parents’ information. This certificate is issued by the Civil Registry or Consular Office where the birth was registered.    There are several types of certificates:

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If you need to request a birth certificate, remember that you have several ways to do it (by going in person to the registry offices, by mail, or by Internet). We explain them one by one, but you can also consult the information on the official website of the Ministry of Justice:

It is obtained by going in person to the Civil Registry offices where your birth is registered, with your DNI and with the form that appears on the website of the Ministry of Justice, filled in correctly.    It is necessary to indicate the name, surname, date and place of birth of the person for whom the certificate is requested.