How do you securely destroy data?

How do you securely destroy data?

How to protect personal data

Cracking is a technique that breaches computer software or an entire security system with malicious intent. Although functionally the same as hacking, cracking is used strictly in a criminal sense. Find out how cracking works, how to recognize it and how to protect yourself.

First, let’s define what hacking is. When it comes to computers, hacking is using technology to overcome an obstacle. When a hacker manages to penetrate a cybersecurity system, this is known as “security hacking.”

Cracking takes things a step further. Cracking happens when someone carries out a security hack for malicious or criminal purposes and this person is referred to as a “cracker”. Just as bank robbers open a safe by manipulating its lock, a cracker gains access to a computer, program or account with the help of technology.

Most of the media (and, therefore, most people) use the terms “hacking” and “hacker” to refer to such unsavory computer activities. Among hackers, however, the term “cracking” is preferred to describe malicious hacking.

How to securely delete information?

Securely delete files

Right click on the file you want to delete and you will see a new menu called Eraser (1). Click on it and inside choose the Erase menu (2). You will need to confirm that you want to securely delete the file. Click Yes to start the secure deletion process.

What is secure data erasure?

These are tools that allow the secure deletion of files, folders or logical units. Document destruction. These are tools for the destruction of confidential data and documents.

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When should we use secure deletion?

We must also use secure deletion when we want to: ∎ reuse a medium: ∎ that already contains corporate data; ∎ that is not working properly; ∎ or dispose of a medium that has become obsolete.

Blancco secure deletion

Businesses are growing and handling more and more data. The trend is upward and, as we can imagine, it is becoming increasingly complex to deal with data, analyze it, process it and even store it. To manage all this, there is what is called data lifecycle management, a very interesting concept that we will now explain.

Companies that apply data lifecycle management and ensure good management of the information they generate in their daily operations have many immediate advantages, such as:

What is the action of removing data from disused disks called?

File erasure or file deletion is the action of a hard disk drive marking a group of occupied sectors of the hard disk drive as free sectors. File erasing is a way of removing a file from a computer file system.

How to permanently delete a file from the disk?

Faster, you can also select the file from Windows Explorer and press Ctrl + Delete to delete it without going through the Trash. Using this method, you get the impression that your file is permanently deleted.

How to perform a secure deletion in Windows?

To safely delete a file, right-click on the file to be deleted and, in the Windows context menu, choose the Eraser option and then Erase. After a moment, the file will be irretrievably deleted from your hard disk, and there will be no way to recover it.

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Secure Deletion That Is

Before you throw away your old computer, think about what important information you want to save. Do you have important photos, videos or documents you want to keep? What storage space will you need to save that information?

Save your files to an external storage device. A USB flash type device is an affordable option that offers moderate storage capacity. Another option is an external hard drive. It may cost a little more than a USB device, but it can give you more storage capacity and faster data transfer. You can decide which files or folders you want to back up, and you may be able to schedule automatic backups.

Do you use encryption to protect your data (encryption is a process that scrambles information to hide the contents of a file)? ) A service that encrypts your data when transmitting it to and from the service, or when storing it, offers a higher level of security than a service that does not offer encryption.

What is Gutmann?

The Gutmann Method is an algorithm for securely deleting the contents of a hard disk or other magnetic storage medium. … If the user knows which encoding the hard disk will use, he can specify it.

What is securely formatting a drive?

Formatting a drive means preparing the chosen partition on the drive to be used by an operating system by removing all data and setting up a file system. … If you want to make sure that your data is securely erased, you will need a special program for a Windows computer.

What happens if I delete all files on disk C?

Information. Documents, images, spreadsheets and all types of files will disappear when you erase your hard drive. Additional examples include web browser logs, computer game score lists, and records created by anti-virus software.

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Certified secure deletion

A significant number of companies do not have sufficient security measures to ensure the inviolability of the information contained in these documents. Nor do they have sufficiently large warehouses to store this documentation or have sufficient means or time to make a safe and certified destruction of such documentation.

Every company or business generates a large amount of documentation in the development of their daily activities. And many of these documents contain personal data of customers, employees, suppliers, etc.. This personal information must be protected from unauthorized access as this will result in a breach of data protection regulations.

The RGPD increases the penalties for non-compliance up to 20 million euros or 4% of the company’s total annual turnover. Therefore, failing to comply with this regulation can mean a hard setback for the company in case of being fined.

On the other hand, companies that do not comply with adequate security measures to protect the personal information they handle also face criminal risks. They may incur in a crime of disclosure of secrets.