How long does a fork lift Licence last?

Forklift operator in Spain

It is necessary to be of legal age and successfully pass the course that gives access to the forklift operator certificate. You must also pass an annual medical examination to rule out possible incompatibilities with the operation of the forklift (hernias, drugs, osteoarthritis, etc.), and in which the visual capacity is verified, which must be at least 70% in each eye. On the other hand, it is recommended to have a B driving license and certain manual and mechanical dexterity, as well as the ability to concentrate and a sense of responsibility.

Although there is no official certification of the forklift operator’s license, some centers apply the UNE 58451 standard to forklift courses, which ensures that the training and knowledge requirements for forklift operators established at international level are met; this standard is not mandatory. In turn, Royal Decree Law 1215/97 on occupational health and safety stipulates that trainers must be Senior Occupational Risk Prevention Technicians.

How long does the forklift course last?

Any person of legal age can take the corresponding course to obtain the forklift operator’s license, which are usually classroom or online (although it must contain real practice in the handling of the forklift) and last between 8 and 20 hours.

What do I have to do to obtain a forklift driver’s license?

To obtain a forklift operator’s license, it is necessary to pass a training course offered by a specialized company. There is no single, official forklift operator’s license, but rather a certificate issued by the training center where the course is given. These companies can be public or private.

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How to know if you have a forklift operator’s license?

Just check that the training company has some sort of quality certification. This assures you that a certifying company has performed a quality inspection for you and certifies that it is quality training and can be trusted.

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By law, companies must be able to demonstrate that their employees have received the appropriate training. This training enables them to operate a forklift truck and ensures that they are aware of the risks to which the operator is exposed and how to prevent them. For this reason, forklift operator training, popularly known as “Carnet de carretillero” (forklift operator’s license), is required for these jobs.

Mainly to workers who operate any of the machines considered forklift trucks. This type of course is aimed at people with experience in the sector, as well as professionals who do not have the training or who need to correct errors in the handling of the forklift. The objective, in addition to learning, is to increase safety at work and to update training.

How long does the forklift course last?

As mentioned above, the forklift operator’s license itself does not expire, but it does need to be updated in accordance with current regulations at least every 5 years. The simplest and most effective way to renew this knowledge and update training is to obtain a new forklift operator’s license.

What is a forklift operator course worth?

Price of the forklift operator license course: 110€ .

What does it take to drive a forklift?

As a general rule, with a forklift operator’s license, issued by any accredited training company, you can operate the most common types of forklifts in the workplace.

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Forklift operator license

One of the jobs in high demand at the moment is that of forklift operator or forklift operator, both to fill vacancies in logistics and in industry in general.

By law, companies must be able to demonstrate that their workers have received adequate training in the handling of the equipment and the risks that arise from them, so most companies require their candidates, in job offers, to have forklift operator training, popularly known as “Carnet de carretillero” (forklift operator’s license).

This training and the corresponding accreditation can be obtained in training courses organized by specialized companies. However, once the company is in place, it must also train its forklift operators in the specific machinery and conditions under which they will be working.

This type of course is aimed both at people with experience in the sector and at professionals who do not have the training or who need to correct forklift truck handling faults, increasing safety at work and recycling their training.

What is the forklift driver’s license?

A forklift operator’s license is any document that certifies that the owner has undergone theoretical and practical training in occupational risk prevention as well as training in the use of certain self-propelled forklifts. They are issued by training entities or organizations.

What is a forklift operator license?

The forklift operator’s license is a certificate required to drive forklifts, whether retractable, frontal, bilateral, trilateral, forklift, overhead crane… This license certifies the operator’s skills and is valid for all companies.

How long does the overhead crane license last?

No expiration date. Theoretical-practical course. For the course to be accepted by all companies, it must include practical exercises with the machine. Both the labor inspection and most of the companies do not accept exclusively theoretical courses.

Forklift operator course

With this Forklift Course you will learn to manage 5 forklifts (5 Forklifts License): counterbalanced forklift or bull, side forklift, front forklift, order picker, electric pallet truck and electric stacker.  You will learn the characteristics of each and every one of these forklifts in the Barcelona Forklift Truck Driver License Course.

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We recommend the Forklift Course to anyone who wants to improve their professional profile to enter the labor market or to improve their position in it, this is the best time to train for the challenges of the future.

This training course is aimed at warehouse personnel: forklift operators, warehouse workers or people who wish to have the necessary tools to access forklift positions. If you are looking to obtain the SEPE Forklift Driver License, check our website for the training centers and the different cities where you can study it, we are waiting for you! Requirements to study it